Professional Demonstration Skydiver Course June 8 2019

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Are you looking to do "demos", and do them the right way?

Skydiving Innovations is conducting another incredible course covering every critical element required in order to conduct safe, thrilling and inspiring skydiving shows. Learn from the very best - we've been doing this for 33 years, performing at demonstrations in to some of the coolest and most compelling venues! Downtown city streets, beaches, aircraft carriers, golf courses, stadiums, densely populated areas and more. 

Learn how and why to make the right decisions when performing demonstrations. We're incident/accident/claim-free in all 33 years of operation. We know demos, and we know safety. 

Course Location: Skydive San Diego

Course Date: Saturday June 8, 2019. Sunday June 9th is a backup date in case of weather on Saturday. 

Course Cost: $450.00. Must be prepaid at least one week prior to the course date. 

Course includes: All classroom instruction and materials, four practical application jumps from 5,000 feet, using flags, smoke and other special effects. Everything is included in this course.

Course Participants: Minimum D license and 500 jumps.  Only eight slots are available for this course. 

Watch these teaser videos to get an idea of what "doing demos" can be like, then message us through this page to reserve your slot. You'll be glad you did. 





See our website at http://www.skydivinginnovations.com

Contact me for further information. 

Ron Lee
Skydiving Innovations


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On 5/24/2019 at 4:32 PM, mark said:

Does the course include attention to detail?  Asking for a friend.

I assume you are trying to say the OP is advertising and so is breaking forum rules? It's a grey area, it appears to depend on how often the event is held, and how special it is, that is, how likely is it to draw people from outside the area. If the OP is holding this course once a month, then it is probably advertising. Once a year, it's an event.

But posting it only two weeks beforehand seems to indicate that it is only intended for locals and the post reads like an ad, so you may be right. 

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You both are right, there is a grey area to some of the advertising rules. We've had situations come up like this in the past. If it was posted monthly frequently, it would certainly cross the line. But, since it is a just a weekend event and it involves helping people be safer, I will let it stay. Thanks for the help!

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