Insurance for jumping in Europe?

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I'm taking a trip to eastern Europe this June and plan to take my rig for some fun on the weekends. I plan on jumping in:

Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary.

Anyone jumped in these countries and know if I need additional insurance? I'm a USPA member and will be jumping all my own gear.

If I do need insurance, any suggestions on who I should use. Never jumped outside of the US before.


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I have never jumped in those specific countries, but I have jumped in nearby countries (Poland, Romania). Home is the Netherlands for me.

In all cases, I never needed additional insurance over the default insurance that the KNVvL membership provides, which is 1.5M€ secondary third-party liability insurance (secondary, as in it only pays if I have no other insurance that covers it, and it only pays for damages caused to third-parties). I don't remember if they even needed that, although jumping in the UK did require that insurance.

In practice, rules and regulations are likely different between each of those countries. The most fool-proof method would be to contact prospective dropzones on your route and ask them directly what kind of insurance you'll need to be allowed to jump.

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