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  1. Hello, I don´t know for Czech or Ukraine, but when jumped in Hungary I didn´t need any additional insurance. Also in Slovenia that is next to Hungary (where I am from) you don´t need additional insurance.
  2. Hay, all I am saying is that you can´t just equalize mass with load and that if Wing loading is defined as wikipedia is saying, naming of it - "Wing loading" is not really most accurate.
  3. So do you suggest Wikipedia be corrected? From I believe I’m still correct in that the wing loading is not changed, being defined as a function of mass. One’s load factor ( changes, and the impact on fight characteristics might be the same as an increased wing loading, but going full pedant, the two are not the same. Just a thought.. load or force can not be interpreted as a mass. For force or load we need to multiply mass with acceleration. And acceleration will be bigger or smaller - depending on maneuver preformed with canopy. So in theory wing loading is changing all the time.