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  1. Hello, I don´t know for Czech or Ukraine, but when jumped in Hungary I didn´t need any additional insurance. Also in Slovenia that is next to Hungary (where I am from) you don´t need additional insurance.
  2. Hay, all I am saying is that you can´t just equalize mass with load and that if Wing loading is defined as wikipedia is saying, naming of it - "Wing loading" is not really most accurate.
  3. So do you suggest Wikipedia be corrected? From ***In aerodynamics, wing loading is the total mass of an aircraft divided by the area of its wing. I believe I’m still correct in that the wing loading is not changed, being defined as a function of mass. One’s load factor ( changes, and the impact on fight characteristics might be the same as an increased wing loading, but going full pedant, the two are not the same. Just a thought.. load or force can not be interpreted as a mass. For force or load we need to multiply mass with acceleration. And acceleration will be bigger or smaller - depending on maneuver preformed with canopy. So in theory wing loading is changing all the time.
  4. Hello, at first I must say that cutaway works so that after pulling a cable nothing will be on helmet anymore. When you will pull the cable springs will fly away from the force stored in them (they are also really small and light). We also agree that ease of installation is big factor, but we supposed, that those who will buy our product and do something to be safer they will take this into consideration - we really think that after cutaway nothing should stay on the helmet and we didn't found a way to do that in any other way than to drill into the helmet. I must just say, that after all the comments and all the constructive criticism we ''went back to the drawing board'' and made quite some changes to the shape of the mount. My college will write post about that shortly and then we can say something more about everything. Greetings, Matevž
  5. At firs thank you for constructive criticism. We will try test you described first thing, when we will get new prototypes and will post photos of it. Base of mount is already wider than camera for 13mm. Do you think that is not enough? We are already putting thin layer of rubber between mount and helmet for better fit. Greetings
  6. Hello, pins are designed that they will brake from overload at 77lbs (that is the upper limit). When mount is exposed to force of 70lbs force required to pull out the cable is 20lbs. We have tested thise deferente scenarios quite alot. Greetings
  7. Hello, could you please explain why you think it is dangerous and not suitable for skydiving? And yes since we are not very experienced skydivers (we both are skydivers) we have been working with much more experienced skydivers. We also know that design as it is on the pictures isn't ideal and we have already changed it as explained in previous replays. Greetings
  8. Hello, as I explained in previous reply the design on the pictures isn't final and design is already changed so it doesn't have any gaps between camera and mount. Yes release wire is inside the helmet - between helmet and padding. Release mechanism is designed so that the pins holding the wire are the weakest members of the structure and they break when you put enough load on them.
  9. Hello, at firs I would like to say that we rally are thankful for the comment, since more people always know more. I must say, that the mount on the pictures is prototype, that was made to fit all different models of GoPros and was meant for testing mechanical specifications. As we said the mount is still developing and will be available at the end of February. We have already minimised the gap between the mount and GoPro to 0,1 mm and made mount wider, so it is wider than the camera. I will post some pictures as soon as possible. Greetings
  10. Hello, It has been quite some time, since we published the survey. We finally developed and tested our product so far, that ve are confident that it works like it should so we published it on the webpage: We would appreciate any comments and suggestions on the subject. Greetings, Matevz