back in the air - paraplegic solo skydive

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Well, I think my accident qualifies me for posting in this forum now.
Last year I got paralyzed from the hips down in a base jumping accident. While I really can't recommend that, I'm still enjoying life very much and recovery is going quite fast. I'm even getting back some function in my legs :)Last weekend took the chance to do the first skydive after the accident:


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awesome!! what a great video! I'm impressed! I'm stoked for people who have the drive to not give a shit and just do what they want. Disabled skydiving is really taking off and I couldn't be happier. I hate to see people get hurt but I love that people are seeing what a great opportunity they have to jump out of planes and have fun.

Susanne I look forward to us jumping together someday
Na' Cho' Cheese

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