initial report: Semistowless UPTbag in MIRAGE

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I have 2 mirage G4 containers sized for a sabre2 190 (m5)
I downsized both to sabre2 170
I shortened the closing loop to accommodate the softer fit

I just switched both to UPT semistowless bag v350
It fits the new sabre2 170 perfect
The container fit is even softer
I shortened closing loop again this time to keep pin secure

10 jumps on this arrangement. Bag perform as advertised.
Pack time is much faster ( shave a few minutes)
Deployment seems faster but not hard ( probably more to do with canopy folding)
On heading ( was only a rare problem before)

I'd recommend these bags and this fit.

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***That's what I was wondering, it takes me a minute to stow all my lines. Also 10 jumps is nothing. Put a few hundred on it and then write a review.

try a thousand+

And a rigging qualification. :P
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G3 MXS with a 306 bag, holding a katana 120 (Tight).

I have been jumping this setup for two seasons and absolutely love this bag, pack time is the same since it's a tight fit, but the container fit is exactly the same as the MXS bag, didn't have to change a thing.
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How can you save a few minutes with a semi stowless dbag ? :S

Break a rubber band = 2 seconds
Look for new rubber bands and replace it = 5 mins.

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