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  1. I recently tried on the G4 XXL, it was fine all around except the cheek bones. The hard padding just below eye level on eachside made the helmet too painful to keep on. Too bad, because it was nice otherwise. Going with the Bonehead Aero XXL. My head is 24" around.
  2. parkair


    I decided to try the Firebolt canopy out after flying many others over a 3-4 year period. Without going into detail, and in no order of downsizing, others were Pilot 188/168ZP/ZPX, Sabre 2 210/190/170, Storm 190/170, Apache 190, Safire 2 209/189/149. None of these fore mentioned canopies really had outstanding characteristics for the 3 areas I was looking for. Openings, flight, and landings. I found the Firebolt to have nice openings without the harsh whiplash of some canopies. Mostly on heading openings except for my occasional messy packing. The slider does take longer to come down than most canopies, which just makes for softer openings. Overall very nice openings and on heading. Flight is great! Snappy and fast responses from toggles and risers. Very 'zippy' canopy, but is quite ground hungry. However, it easy to learn to fly if you are not accustomed to this type of flight. And finally, landings are fun! I wanted a canopy that had the first two characteristics AND loads of flare. Many manufacturers say this and that but don't deliver. The Firebolt has loads of flare for those no wind days. I love the way this canopy blasts in and still lands you softly when others are running or sliding in. An added note, since the Firebolt is a hybrid, it packs up easily and small. It was easy to pack it even when new. Overall this is a great canopy for intermediate and on skydivers. I love this canopy, and only wish it didn't take me so long to get one!
  3. I will be going to this. Should be loads of fun and a chance to learn with others. Come join us!
  4. Looked into that but they are scarce. That would be the perfect solution.
  5. BIGUN, It's tight in both. I had this canopy (Pilot ZP 168) in my last rig which was for a 190-210. Of course it fit loose but nice. I hoped it would fit in the new Wings, but no, so I was thinking the ZPX 168 would be perfect. Was hoping to keep it at a 168 without downsizing. Really like the new Wings for fit.
  6. Anyone put a Pilot 168 ZPX in a Wings W-11 container? I have a Pilot 168 ZP and it is too big. So tight that it messes with the deployments. Just got the new container but I really like my 168 and don't want to downsize at this time. The answer from Sunrise is we sized everything off PD canopies. Thanks for your honest answers.
  7. Thanks for posting this. These kinds of posts are quick and informative, but usually never found when searching.
  8. I too keep getting scammed by people who seem legit on here. I am currently awaiting a refund from Paypal for a reserve that doesn't exist. I even told Meso and nothing was done to show it as a scam. I take full responsibility for my gullibility. It would be nice if a profile or something was necessary before posting in the classifieds. I've heard all the reasons why it isn't feasible in order to keep it all free. But it is getting out of hand. Seems like 1 for every 5 listings are scams. And what is with you guys wasting so much time policing the forum about where this and that should be. Get a life outside the door! WTF. I'm going to the DZ now! :) .........
  9. Thanks Meso for the earlier reply, I do agree with your ideas and policies on this website. But it's getting to a point where a LARGE percentage of the sellers are scammers. Especially on the AAD classified section. And then there's the buyer scammers. Maybe it is time for a radical change. I enjoy and use this website often but it is not worth losing large sums of money. Thanks.....
  10. It sucks I can't reply to the ads that all the scammers are posting in the classifieds. What will I do?
  11. Why is there so many scams in the Dropzone classifieds? It seems there are more issues on this website than others I frequent. Is there anyway to create more barriers or checks to be sure the people on here are legit? After looking through a few classifieds currently posted, some sellers have never logged on. Yet they have a item for sale.
  12. I used one in my Wings W22. I had the V350 semi bag in it. Worked great. Contact Greg Rau at Vector. You can find his email address on the Vector website. He can tell you the correct semi bag size for your container. You will love it. MP
  13. I was the first Pulse owner to have this 'upgrade' done. I can say that it greatly improves the flare compared to the original trim. I did notice however that the in flight glide is diminished somewhat. Not anything to be concerned about though. My pulse is a 210. The new line trim definately improves this canopy.
  14. Thanks.....I missed the helmet in that one photo, all I saw was BOOBS. Thanks the photos helped!
  15. Any photos of the Revolve being worn in freefall? Please post a few. Thanks