Fair Price?

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DOM on the Cypres is 2006. Pretty sure it's a Cypres2


I just sold a full custom made kit similar to what you are talking about for that price and the customer got all the bells and whistles. Unless it had a cypres 2 in it i would suggest not to pay anything like that price for it.

Take Gravitygirls advice, and i think she would sell it a bit too high than it is worth.... not sure if it had cypres 2 in it or not. If it has cypres 2 then somewhere around 4500-5000 is all you should pay MAX

Peace and Blue Skies!
Bonnie ==>Gravity Gear!

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There you go, I noticed after i posted that the cypres 2 was included. So the price you said you would sell it at would be bang on the mark and probably a good buy for anyone looking for a very tidy rig that s currently in high demand.

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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