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  1. Hey all, I'm a USPA licensed skydiver and completed the ISP in 2007. I have a friend in Ireland that wants to get licensed. Anyone know of a DZ near Dublin that offers something of similar rigor to the USPA ISP? The only two DZs that I saw on here that list AFF don't really look like they have a similar sylabus to the ISP. Forom their websites, it looks like Irish Parachute Club does the old level 1-7 program (with USPA AFF-Is) and Skydive Ireland only does static line. Any help you can provide would be appriated. Thanks!
  2. When I was there Sept 2011-Dec 2011, there were no civilian DZs. There are occasional exhibitions and invitational events, but no where to fun jump regularly. And that's in the whole country! I was living in Beijing and a few years back (2006-8?) there was a DZ, but it's closed.
  3. Registration is now open! Come and jump with us!
  4. Come Meet and Jump with Other Women Skydivers at Skydive Orange in Orange, Va! We will have $5 off jump prices for women all day! We’ve planned an awesome skydiving skills competition, a Women’s Star Crest Recipient jump, and a potluck dinner to end the day. This is a great chance to meet fellow women skydivers, have fun, and learn how your big SIS’s have dealt with some of the unique issues that women face in the sport. Registration will be $15.00, and covers the cost of your t-shirt and snacks and water during the day. Register on the skydive orange website Are you a SIS member? If not check out the SIS website
  5. I saw that there was one dropzone near Beijing a few years back, but I can't find anything recent on it. Anyone know if there is still a dropzone in China near Beijing? Did it close?
  6. My first thought is that BASE jumpers have been arrested for years for jumping into National Parks. It's called illegal aerial delivery. I wouldn't recommend it.
  7. I played at a friend's house the other day and liked it so much that I bought a wii and guitar hero world tour for myself for christmas. Everyday I asked my doorman 4 times if it came yet. I was so excited when it finally arrived. I've played it a few more times since I got it and I love it. I'm only on medium on the guitar (about 98%) and I still can't figure out hammer ons and pull offs. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts and that guitar hero is taking over the world.
  8. I got the same email but from a different user. Guess I'll report this one too: On 4-Nov-2008 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => maj URL => Name => mart jack FromEmail => City => bibao Country => spain Comments => Hello, I am interested in immediate purchase of your item.After several consideration over the advert placed on the website,am really shown interest in it and would l really want to issue the payment in form of Cheque and how much is the final price.Will you be accepting a Cheque? The check that will be drawn by me would inlclude the cost for shipping this item to my location on the same Cheque.l shall solely be responsible for the shipments of the item. Please contact me asap for futher questionings as regards to this transaction if you really show willingness in selling this item asap.Thank You and I am expecting your response asap Regards, MartJack
  9. Skydive Orange in Orange, VA is having $17 jumps from the Otter on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  10. It's a sabre 2 with only 290 jumps on it and the lines aren't dingy or gummy, just a bit orange from the clay. I get your point about "prepping" but I liken it more to detailing a car than putting a saw dust in the transmission before selling.
  11. Suffolk is very welcoming to new people (both new to them and new to the sport). There are no cliques and everyone is willing to jump with each other. The folks with 1000s of jumps have no problems taking out the newbies and showing them the ropes or helping to organize/plan a dive. The PAC is a great plane that climbs quickly and has a large enough door to put some RW together. The landing area is large and forgiving. They are very safety conscious but with a good time in mind (a real focus on personal responsibility). I'd definitely go back!
  12. I'm looking to sell my canopy and the lines (spectra) are a bit dirty. Where I jump the ground is orange clay and it has discolored my lines. Is it possible to wash my lines so they can be all nice and white again? Thanks!
  13. I've been taking a briefing techniques course all week and tomorrow I have to make a 5 minute presentation. I've decided to talk about the ways in which skydiving can affect your everyday life: increased confidence, change in perspective, increased ability to deal with stress, feeling of closeness with God, renewed joy in life... anything. Just wanted to get some thoughts and stories to go with them. I really liked Lori Steffen's article
  14. The current wait is 18 weeks (about 4 months) unless you pay the $500 and rush it.
  15. Thanks for all of your replies. The rig looks brand new, always packed inside, little/no wear and is tastefully collored (black with red, blue, and yellow piping on the main and reserve tuck tabs). It has a sky-hook and magnetic riser covers as well as extra back, leg,and shoulder pads. It's not my rig but one I plan on buying. I know the guy selling it well and the riggers that maintain it and it really is almost new. I tried it on and it fits perfectly! I was thinking of offering him about $5000 and settling at $5500. Think I can get it for less?