Should it be one word or two

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I guess it depends on where you want the emphasis to be. if you want it to be on skull one word, but if you want it to be on Fuck make it two words
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I asked a woman how often we could have sex.

She said that she wanted it "in frequently".

(Southerners will understand that it was an easy mistake).

could that lead to a clusterfuck? or cluster fuck? ;)

Where is Darwin when you need him?

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One word.

Would you say to someone: "I'm a gonna violently butt fuck you?" No, the word is "buttfuck."

Would you say: "You have a beautiful corn hole, may I corn hole you?" No, it's "cornhole."

Would you say: "I'd like to tit fuck her?" No, it's "titfuck."

Same applies to some nouns: Cumshot, Asswipe, Fucktard, Cumslut, etc..

Examples of the proper use of skullfuck:




"Once we got to the point where twenty/something's needed a place on the corner that changed the oil in their cars we were doomed . . ."

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