Paint out of carpet home remedies anyone??

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If you can't get the stain out, grab a mason jar lid and an x-acto knife. Cut a portion of the carpet from another spot in the room where some piece of furniture is pretty much in its permanent spot using the lid as a pattern. Be sure to cut around the threads (whatever they're called) to prevent ripping. Remove the circle of paint free carpet. Cut the paint stained carpet out using the same lid and insert the stain-free carpet. Orient to best match and glue that piece down.

Let me know if it works. I've never tried this or really ever heard of it. I'm just curious as to whether or not this will work. :ph34r:


The idea has been around for a looong time and... it really works!


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Ok, the stuff is called "Krud Kutter". Klever marketing, huh? :P Right on the front it says, "removes dried latex paint". It worked for me with no damage to the carpet, I swear.

Hooray!!! Came through, I knew you would. I'll pick that up or goof off. A friend a work said to use goof off, but I was scared it was too toxic/strong and would jack the carpet up.

The story about the footprints is like a nightmare. I would die. My spots are tiny spots, no more than a nickel in size at worst. I did read somewhere to keep it from drying was the best. Too late for that.

So krud Kutter or Goof off, but first I'll try good old soap and warm water on one of the tiny spots. I'm afraid that might just spread it around.

I'll let you peeps know how it turns out.
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