Newb Glacier National Park (Exit points?)

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I have no experience. I have one tandem under MY belt. I have however been to Glacier National Park, and from what I recall, it has some majestic peaks.

Has anyone or does anyone know of any footage that has been made on or in Glacier?

More importantly is anyone interested in a so called boogie, or in my case a hypothetical 2-3 years out boogie? (I plan on being more involved on the forums) And possibly next year I want to revisit with my mom to scope out those peaks and their prominence..

I'm still paying off my supersport bike so at this point I cannot afford to sink any money into skydiving.

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Cmon, thats excessive even for a troll!

Well, he WAS scoping out his mom's peaks and prominences.B|
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Just one skydive tandem maybe not enough for open new exits, but you're overqualified for brand war !B|
Then, PF or TS ?

you mean Squirrel. plenty of boogies out there, every year on christmas. check it out, the local mountain skydivers are very religious and would love you bringing a bible.

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