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  1. I hate you only because your jumping at Gold Coast. They are the best. Hows the new location? I jumped there went it was still at Trent Lott Int.
  2. Soreness is normal after you do something physical that your body is not use to doing. Like playing football for the first time after a couple of years.
  3. rjoseph14k


    I've put only ten jumps on my Sabre 170. I'm able to pack is so it opens like a Sabre 2 without doing all the modifications to it. It also opens on heading, something that didn’t happen to often with my Sabre 2. This last weekend myself and another jumper who also fly's a Sabre 170 made it back from a long spot over a very swampy area with no problem. My method for packing is doing a normal flake, center all the lines, quarter the slider, role the nose so that only half the labels are showing when finished and tuck it in the middle and pull the slider out in the front. Then I take all the flaked material on both sides of the canopy and fold into the center back and forth from one side to the other. Then I bring the back side around to the front and role it about nine times and then finish it off just like every other canopy. Stowing the lines nice, even and tight helps the openings as well. I've jumped both the Sabre and the Sabre 2 under the same wing loadings and I can say that the Sabre 2 is a better canopy by far but the Sabre is a good canopy as well. I've read a lot about the hard openings and I've talked to a few people who have jumped Sabre's and non of them had any problems. None of them packed it the same way so finding the right method my take a few jumps. The bottom line is if you have the money to buy a Sabre 2 then do it, you wont regret it cuz she'll be a sweet heart to have over your head, but if your a little short on funds and buying a brand new crisp canopy may prevent you from spending the money on jumps look at something a little older and more affordable and a lot easier to pack.
  4. These are so confortable that I forget Im wearing them. Ordering off of the website was easy, and trun around time wasnt bad at all. I had to get custom made pants so they cost a little more but that really doesnt bother me because Im more than satisfied with the product I recieved.
  5. I have to ask, did you jump at Paradive or the newer DZ near Ber Sheva? I sure miss those Saturdays jumping over the Med up near Haifa Living in Israel for a while I know how expensive the sport is your country. Wait till your done with the Army cuz I know your not going to make nearly enough money to support your very expensive habit in the IDF.
  6. http://www.stupidvideos.com/video/video/commercials/how_things_work/p=17 Sorry computers arnt my thing. Can someone help so you can just click the link and go to the video?
  7. I've only put about 100 jumps on my Sabre2 but I think Im qualified to give a review. This was the first brand new canopy I've ever bought. I paid to get it packed because it was so darn slippery. When I did pack it I was expecting a line over but it opened as soft as it did when a pro packed it. The openings almost always have end cell closers but I was told thats because the openings are so soft. My exit wieght is about 210 and Im jumping a 170 so its not under loaded. I can fly this canopy just about any way I want. I've always got back to the landing area no matter how far off the spot was. Landings are a breeze as well.
  8. They use docile gear, GPS, night vision, and jump into a favorable landing zones and hump to their objective. I saw it once on JAG or was NCIS oohhhh I cant remember
  9. I was told not to hang my rig(Mirage G3) because it could damage the cut away housing causing hard cut aways. I keep mine in a suit case with the rest of my gear.
  10. The hot weather in Florida should be the least of your worries that time of year. I'm more concerned about those little storms that come off the Atlantic known as Hurricanes. This year is supposed to be just as active as last year. The Mid-West would be your best best.
  11. We dont shake hands, we spit in each others mouth. Like in that one football movie the Program.
  12. What about grounding you until you comply? Correct me if I'm wrong but I always thought that most safety rules pertaining to skydiving were writen in blood.
  13. I bought some Tony Suit Cargo Pants. It was easy as Cake to order them custom on line and the price wasn't bad. Very comfortable and my shirts never come untucked from them. Also lots of pockets to hold whatever you want. I haven't lost anything(yet) in free fall.
  14. I see the spammers have managed to infiltrate my DZ.com mail box. I dont need Viagra. Maybe in another 9 years but not now.