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  1. Tell them... "If riding in an airplane is flying, is then riding in a boat swimming?" SHUT-UP AND JUMP!!! Give it a few years, you're still a low time jumper, if you keep going at it hardcore, you'll soon have no whuffo friends... all your friends will be jumpers... ... yes, be afraid, be very afraid! isn't it, "If riding in a boat isn't swimming then riding in an airplane isn't flying..."? this sentence is a killer!
  2. I jumped at SkyKef (The DZ neer Ber Sheva) and its was one helll of an exprianse the ppl were nice and funny... it's unexplainable exprience.
  3. Thx, you really put here some good points (all of you). I am going to try and talk to my parents and see what really scare them (I think know what it's but if they will say it, I will probably be able to show them what the chances for that to happen). I even thought about showing them the fatality reports and shoeing them how most of the accident could be prevented and/or aren't the one that happens to new skydivers (low turning that are the result of HPL ext'...) but if they would say 'no' I decided to respect that answer and to wait until I will be 21... although its going to hard! vary hard! thx :) again _____ Tomer
  4. mmmmmm Nice I like that idea, I am going talk my uncles about that :-) no the only thing I need is the Job my cousin have for me, for the money and schedule a jump Sweet dude, let me know when you get 10 ish jumps under your belt. We can get 15 or so people together and do a hybrid. Maybe even try a mr bill followed by a low pull contest, it will be good times
  5. mmmmmm Nice I like that idea, I am going talk my uncles about that :-) no the only thing I need is the Job my cousin have for me, for the money and schedule a jump
  6. mmmmmm I think I got some.... But I will prbbaly try talk to them and see whats realy bother them about it and I will try the present it them in ather way..
  7. hi hi hi, I am new at this fourm... but i am thinking that if you will go to the statics in some countreys you will see that the numbers of Fatalits in skydiving is much more lower then the Fatalities from car accident... take Israel for exmple..
  8. ya I am starting to get yours points :-( I gass the best thing is to wait or volunteer to the AirBorne ahhh shit I thought on volunteer to an SF unit... well you put here anther point I gass, a skydiver parent point.... well I am going to consider these point too :-( and I probably will stop bother my parents now well at list untill I will get older (my parents realy need to thank you...) But there realy should be a law againset teanagers doing dndames its toooo hard to wait!!!!! think about that.. na Just Kidding :) dam its hard ______ Tomer
  9. No, it's not a "safe" sport. There are things you can try to do to make your jumps more safe, but there is definite risk of death on every jump. Even when you do everything right, some other guy can do something stupid that will take you out. Who is going to pay for you to go through AFF and to get you a rig? Do you have the thousands of dollars necessary to do it? In addition, I don't really see the point in going through your training now when you even say you're not going to have the opportunity to keep skydiving for the next few years. I know its not the safeties sport in the world but for an extreme sport it's considering to be pretty safe isn't it, beside that there are risks on everything we do, I can drive in my car (I don't have a car or a licence yet but follow my thinking line) and Oby all the rules but a drunk driver won't stop in red light and would hit my car, who knows what will happen of course I told this to my parents and there response was you got to drive your car you don't Must jump out of an airplane.... now about the money I can pay for 3/4 of the course (my parents can give me the rest) and I found a Job that after 2 month will give me enough money for the all course ( in case my parents would say that they aren't going to support my financial) now the Time this is anther issue that I explained to my parents they agreed with me about it but they said it's still not enough to convince them I will explain it shortly lets say I start the course when I am 18 (I will probably will have 2~4 months before I would have say good bye to my civics life and will hello to my military and lets say I even finished it and got my A licence before Joining the army, I Will be able to be in the DZ once in 2 mounths the result will be much less experience jumper, then a skydiver that Jump twice to 3 times in 2 weeks for an all year... and then start to jump in one weekend every 2 months now off course i always can wait 6 years from and then done the AFF course but Its HARD!!
  10. Hi I am 17 years old so you gassed it, I need my parents agreement for starting an AFF course I did 1 tandem to years ago, but my parents agreed there because of 2 reasons 1. it was there I idea (well my mom idea but its the same) 2. we deiced about it on the the spot there was no time for thinking I will give a Short version of what happened ... My uncle is a pilot so he invited us for an airshow in the airshow there were skydivers that did some tandem jumps then my mother asked me: "Tomer do you want to Skydive?" (she is expecting to hear 'NO!..... i will pass' ) well you gassed it I answered: "hell yesss!!!1" well not exactly but close enough.. so because all of the excitement that was in the air she didn't think too much about the risks at least until she started signing the papers but she signed at the end and ya... it was blast!!!!! i can remember almost every second of it.... after 2 years! well lets continue with the story... my mother didn't care to send me to a SL course and i think she didn't care about sending me to an AAF course well at list until she discovered that she need to sign some papers well after that she entered an auto 'no' Mode BAW my father is thinking that its crazy but if i will mange to convince my mom he will probably say yes at the end... at list I hoping so... oh BAW I know the risks involve and I thought about it a lot!! so I decided that even if I would mange convinced them today (ya right...) I wont start the course before I would get laid... well I am not going to risk my Life when i am still virgin... (ya ya you can laugh but I am 17 :) and you are not :P ) but don't worry about that I am working on that and it will be handle soon.... :-P damm I am writing a lot so here it's in short oh the hell I can Convinced my parents and make them thinking that it's pretty much a safe sport! (which it is!) oh anther point you need to consider is: in case you are thinking 'why the hell you don't wait to be 18....' well the answered is that if I won't do it NOW! my next opportunity will be when I will be 21 (I am living in Israel so I am going to serve 3 years in the ARMY) and after the ARMY there is of course the university and... and in others words not to much time for the AFF course ya ya I know I writing a lot but I do need your help! so what do you say? give me your suggestion thanks in Advanced Tomer