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  1. I'll jump on the otterbox bandwagon. Dropped my phone from 35 feet up. Blew the phone clear out of the case, but not a scratch on it.. [/url]http://www.otterbox.com/defender-series-cases/defender-series-cases,default,sc.html[url]
  2. my first car was an 87' thunderbird turbo coupe, when i was 17.. it had 275k miles when i got it, and it had been sitting for 3 or 4 years in someones back yard. i got paid 50 dollars to remove it.. new seals in the turbo made it run, but it would rev to 4 or 5k rpm before shifting into 1st gear.. also, no AC and only the driver side window would roll down. brutal in a FL summer. as long as you added a quart of transmission fluid, and oil every 100 miles or so, you were good.. put about 25k miles on it before leaving for bootcamp, sold it for scrap last year.
  3. Got it! I even paid for it! I should get a bonus disk or something....
  4. I'll just leave this here.. ...scary, http://youtu.be/xRe30sH6-2o
  5. if your going monday or tuesday shoot me a pm...ill meet you there
  6. Holy crap!! what sort of car do you have to get 90 MPG???? My car would cost me $144 to go to atlanta from Zhills. (at 25 miles per gallon on highway) i have a civic SI i can get 30mpgs if i keep my foot out of it.. i was already going to be in GA anyway, which is why STF had been an option..
  7. the money thing was never an issue, however, it was worth noting..400 bucks is a nice hunk of cash.. but i do understand now that the student experience at my home DZ is worth more than 400 bucks... besides, pops already shot himself in the foot over it..
  8. Thanks Andy, that means a lot to me coming from someone who stands to profit on the deal. Thank you.. On a side note, I have seen many of your posts in the last couple months I've been lurking. Its exactly that attitude that made STF appealing to me. And i plan on heading up there very soon.. ...hopefully with my shiny new A license i got from z-hills...
  9. that is exactly why i was leaning toward z-hills. I am able to take the time off work to be able to knock it out in a couple weeks at STF..and I have a family reunion with the wife's side of the family up that way in june. (good reason to excuse myself from some of the festivities and have some fun of my own).. IIRC its about a 350-400 dollar difference between z-hills and STF for very similar programs ..nothing huge, but large enough to think about since i would be in the area anyway..
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies.. So far it looks pretty unanimous that z-hills is my best bet. "it's the students that I see at the dropzone regularly and get to know that I'm most likely to invite to do a fun jump once they get their license. Why? Because I got to know them during their student days, so they're a familiar face to me." How long does it take for you to warm up to very new people with low numbers from other places?...I don't ask in a defiant way (hopefully it isn't taken that way)..but more or less wondering how welcoming the people at other DZs would be if i came from my home DZ with 30 jumps.. i could just buy a whole lotta beer, then everyone will like me..
  11. "Z-Hills!!! It'll make a great home DZ for the rest of your skydiving days. " z-hills will be my home DZ no matter what route I end up going for aff. I had a great time there just waiting on my tandem.. Also had a very nice chat with TK while I was there. I would go now just to sit around and watch. (I have lots of time off in the middle of the week). but, i don't know anyone there, and haven't officially started anything. So i wonder what i would be able to take away from that without the understanding of exactly whats going on... "It's really NOT about jump numbers in the least amount of time for the least amount of money. It's about bonds formed, shared experiences, lessons learned and BEER! " Am i wrong in thinking that is a +1 for AFF anywhere?...Sounds like at the end of the day it wont matter too much. A newbe is a newbe, no matter where he went to school.
  12. I live about a half hour from z-hills.. I've also thought it would be a good idea to do my AFF where i would jump normally. but i also wonder if its really that big of a set back to AFF somewhere other than what your home DZ would be. (not saying it isn't, but is it a factor large enough to rule out all other DZs?) Also thought about Deland, and I have a place to stay on the east coast as well. I just really, _really_ hate driving I-4 from tampa to Deland If anyone has an opinion about Deland that may swing me from z-hills or STF i would be more than willing to hear them out. However, my impressions, and what I have seen other people post, STF and z-hill are pretty positive maybe Deland just doesn't have the exposure that the other 2 have?
  13. Okay, so long story short.. I did a tandem couple months ago at z-hills and was hooked. I decided I was going to start AFF as soon as i got the finances in order. Well, now they are in order and I'm ready to go. Originally, z-hills was where I had planned on going from day one…But..I have seen very good things about Skydive the farm, and their program is a bit cheaper than z-hills. (not a big deal, but worth noting) And, I have a place to stay near by for free so lodging isn't an issue. My question is, if you had to pick one of these places to get you're A, which would you pick, and why?.. **apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.
  14. we used to stick a potato in them and stick them in the oven on the lowest setting.. my wife gave me a boot dryer for x-mas, i just stick them on there at night and in the morning i have very dry, very warm boots...i will never go without one again [url]http://www.peetshoedryer.com/benefits.html