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  1. I had no idea that the riggers would help out with this much stuff. This is great information. It definitely make me feel a lot better about purchasing a used rig. I'm even luckier I guess that My instructor is also a certified rigger. Thanks for all of the information everyone. Peace and Love
  2. Thanks. This is all good info, I definitely didn't know that some items would not be compatible with others. I wont be buying for a while, but I'm just trying to learn what I can before I get to that point. I've read a lot of other threads saying to consult my instructor, so I definitely plan on doing that before I decide what size gear to buy. I just had no idea If i should look to buy the items separate or to just wait for a complete rig.......and then, how do I know if it's even in working condition before I buy it? It would be ideal to meet someone face to face at the local DZ so I could get the rigger to look at it before I buy it, but I wouldnt guess that the chances are high for me to find something that fits me perfectly, used, and in my local area. Peace and Love
  3. I just see more options for the separate least on the classifieds. I just assume it would be hard to find someone selling a complete rig that would actually fit. I guess I'll just keep a look out and see what happens. I've never bought something that could potentially make or break your life for a sport, so I find it very hard to convince myself to buy used....even though that's what everyone says to do. Especially something so expensive that I know so little about. Peace and Love
  4. So I'm in the process of Doing my AFF. I'm sure that I'll keep borrowing/renting gear until I get my A license. But I know I'm going to want my own gear eventually. I keep seeing gear as a complete rig, but I mostly see parts of the complete rig sold separately, Container, main, reserve, Etc.... My question is: If you do buy all the items separately, which seems to be the cheaper way to do it, How do it get the whole thing together? This may be a dumb question, but Do I just go to my local certified rigger and ask them to help me get it all together so that my rig is set up correctly? Peace and Love
  5. So I'm getting ready to do my D1 jump and I thought it would be beneficial to get some Tunnel Time before I go just as practice. Well I get to the tunnel on Friday night and planned to jump saturday.....The weather sucked all weekend so No jump. Now I gotta wait until next weekend....I hope what I learned sticks with me. Tunnel did wonders for my skills.....I was amazed at how much I learned in such a short session. Peace and Love
  6. I just remembered that I had posted this. Thanks to everyone for the replies. Sorry I just now got them. I usually go every other weekend to jump. Just jumped and completed my c2 jump yesterday. I'm hitting the wind tunnel in orlando on the 1st to get some extra skills training. Then i'm jumping at Zhills again on the 2nd. If anyone of you are there shoot me a pm so I can meet you. Peace and Love
  7. Whats up. I just started my AFF classes two weeks ago. Just passed my second jump today. Figured I'd hop on the forum to find out some information and maybe meet some people. I've been jumping at SkyDive City in zephyrhills, Fl. Peace and Love