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  1. Seriously, what's up with all these defensive comments?.. Handles can be swallowed by any suit with any attachment system. I had an X3 with the old over-the-shoulder zippers and it was constantly eating my reserve handle while I was sitting or gearing up in the plane. Now I have a Jedei with cables and it's a lot better but still half-happens from time to time. Guess that my particular rig is causing this. Whatever, always check your handles before exiting. As a bonus they will be lifted out of the suit by a big margin after opening anyway.
  2. You can pause that video on 2:49 for a free look at a swallowed reserve handle too. :)
  3. So missing the tail by an inch is fine then? :)
  4. And precisely no one is claiming otherwise, which has been said here about 20 times already. The gain everyone but you is talking about is relative to the lowest point of the "dive". Right, so there is a mighty thermal that's always there, in the exact same place, on multiple jumps at that event? And it also for some reason only affects the jumper, but not the smoke? And entering it always for some reason corresponds with a change in body position?
  5. Yeah, was too lazy to search for her post. Sorry.
  7. Here's a bunch of snapshots that might clear things up a bit.
  8. How many jumps do you need to wear a full-face helmet?