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  1. This thread is really informative and helpful that's why I'm really glad that I have joined this thread.
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  4. Thanks all for the tips and advises that given here. I really appreciated it.
  5. I do think people should be comfortable with exiting quickly, being stable immediately and going directly to their main. I also respect those who give themselves the comfort room to deal with issues that might arise.
  6. Yes it is really a nice work. Great
  7. Me too, i can say that i have enjoyed too. I fell relaxed.
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  9. "Paralog (currently) requires every jump to be a seperate track. I turn the unit on before boarding and turn it off after landing. " Really, i just know that information, thanks for posting that info.
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  11. "This is going to sound like a bad episode of a boring TV series, but THEY MOVED THE ISLAND! " Why is it you said that it sounds like a bad episode? Have you watch the full episode.