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  1. As an EMT I always check in with the DZ and let them know I'm willing to help with anything.
  2. I have had the oppertunity to fly in SF, Montreal, XP, the outdoor tunnel L1, Las V, and N Falls. Best coach I know is Chris Dixon in Orlando. Really great flyer and super guy.
  3. Perhaps, however i did not provide her the oppertunity. In this case I made a horrible choice, one I will regret for a long time. I was stupid, and very unfair. I jumped this year and she visited Deland once to watch and photo but it was painfull. I normally dont admit i was wrong to often but in this case I was.
  4. Started jumping in School with T10's and now just got back into sport last year. Long gap (55 now).
  5. yup, I was a dummy. Was tunnel flying a lot and had my jump suit and helmet. When in Orlando I ordered a Mirage/PD/Vigil. When it was completed I flew home from a two week work trip 3 days early right to Orlando. Picked up my gear and did my AFF. Would have got away with it if a nice guy I met (Captain) had not posted on my facebook page. I was stupid and regret my actions. Really hurt my wife of 26 years. Nothing funny here, just a very bad mistake that I wish I could take back. Met the greatest people at Mirage, and PD, and a fantastic coach.
  6. Visited SkyVentures in Orlando. Met two guys who were very patient and got me belly flying really well in the tunnel. They suggested AFF. Im a big guy (295 out the door) so I went over to Mirage with one of them, and $7K later I had a rig on order. Peter and Chris are FANTASTIC coaches and really nice guys. Got 16 jumps in with Peter and cant wait till I have time to complete my A. Trust and confidence in how I was taught really made the journey a great one. Also received some great info from TK on being a larger jumper, and dropped 24 lbs to make my jumps safely. Great sport. Great people.
  7. My last jump I came in on 1/4 breaks from my final turn. When it came time to flair I shoved the handles as far as I could but still hit pretty hard. PLF was not pretty but I got up and walked away. So on my large Navigator (student) it appeared to rob me of some energy. I will not be doing that again.
  8. Take a look at for first aid kits. Suggest a 1H-TK095 which is a good basic first aid kit. It contains all of what you may want for “good road rash”. It contains CPR microshield, burn pads, MANY types of bandages, elastic bandages, triangular slings, eye pads, petroleum gauze antibiotic ointment, cold packs, space blanket, gloves, eye wash, first aid book, shears, pd cuff and stethoscope. That will cover you for most situations. To that add (2) SAM splints $10 each for wrist or ankle damage, and several ace bandages. Add some Benadryl ($4) for allergic reactions, some glucose (tube) for low blood sugar ($3) and your golden. Like skydiving, you can own a parachute and not know how to use it, so add an American Red Cross first aid, or first responder class. As a medic I carry additional O2, AED, neck brace, pulse oximeter, and some other thing a ma giggies that help. If you have additional skills at first aid please be sure to let manifest know when you check in, you never know when you may be able to help one of us….
  9. As a returning jumper to the sport (T-10's in 1979) I greatly appreciate the opportunity to jump with a Coach. I passed AFF quickly due to a great AFFI and a bunch of tunnel time. I still hire my AFFI for every jump for several reasons. Each jump we dive a new plan, maneuvers, types of landing patterns, adjusting landing patterns, and canopy work. Each jump he plans something new for us to try/learn, last jump was long spots, before that rear riser emergency turns. We do landing work, full flairs, 2 stage flairs, wind shifts, other jumpers. I accept the fact that I am responsible for my own safety, and the safety of others around me. I will continue to utilize my AFFI for as long as I can because my life is important and you can not possibly learn all that is available in your AFF class. I hope to jump with this coach for a good 50 jumps, then move over to some of the other great coaches for a different prospective on jumping, and techniques with the ultimate goal of learning to wing suit, and fly a camera as the rules and the coaches advise. Perhaps it also makes me feel a little better knowing he is watching me do my ground checks, plane checks, spots, and EP’s each time I leave the bird. I missed a wave off on my pull last jump, and after a good long talk about the ramifications of that I don’t think it will happen again. With out his eyes and that would have gone without notice. I am fortunate enough to be able to have all my own gear, and be able to afford a Coach. I believe it will help me progress safer, and faster than with out a coach. Yes, I understand that with 15 current jumps I know nothing about the sport, this is just my prospective.
  10. Great book called "how to tell if you need Bach surgery". Great diagrams showing nerve routes and what tests are required. GREAT explanations with diagrams. L5 surgery here and jumping next month.
  11. Did my static line in Messena NY at a place called Richards field. Jumped T10s with Belly reserves. That was a long time ago when I was superman. Now I am actually studying this sport from ever aspect and it scares me what I did not know back then when I started this adventure we call life.
  12. I am no expert with only 10 jumps but when I did perform my AFF and jumps I had this note in my Skydiver log. I am at this dropzone by my choice. I have undertaken the sport of skydiving knowing that there are risks involved with what I am doing. I trust my AFFI to do his best to keep me safe, but at the end of the day, all that I do has been my decision. Ultimately I am responsible for all that I do. If it ends today please note that I am a skydiver and have fulfilled my desire to fly. Please note that if it ends today I am a pretty crappy skydiver, but none the less, I am a skydiver…. The $100 dollar bill attached is for the beer that is due to get me into St Peters…