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  1. so...... REPUBLICAN Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen (evidently the real Church Lady) wants to make church attendance mandatory in AZ. Isn't that special. wonder if she would require that people attend the church that she goes to or if there would be an approved list of churches that would be acceptable. I suppose that along with required attendance there should also be a required "tithing" of at least 15% of your yearly salary.
  2. a few additional exercises you can do to get ready to do tandems: 1) have a good friend eat something really disgusting and then throw up in a plastic bag. take the bag along on a jump and after you open your parachute, pour the contents on your arms, jumpsuit and splash some on your face. It's gonna happen in real life! 2) do a 2 way RW dive with a friend and just as you open your parachute - have him hit you in the chin. 3) when you land - practice crashing in and doing front flips - from when your student puts their feet down on landing instead of in front of them. 4) practice smiling alot and repeating yourself over and over and over and over on what to do when you leave the airplane and what it means to arch. 5) occasionally spray AXE body cologne up your nose to get used to the student that takes a bath in it. 6) learn 10 different foreign languages. But seriously - tandems are fun as long as you pay attention to what's going on. enjoy!
  3. one thing that confuses me - if he was in freefall for 3min 48sec and after 5 min his parachuted opened - what happened to the missing 1min 12sec?? was it just a realllllllly lonnnnng snivvvvvvvvvvel??
  4. you know - that is just really mature of you - but then you had never even been to SDH when it was Waller, and you have drank a lot of cool-aid. But you know - if you had ever come out there, you would have been welcomed and you very probably would have said that we really weren't as bad as you were always told and we were a nice place to jump. When the original (real) Spaceland closed down and all their people that still wanted to jump came up to jump with us, we welcomed them with open arms - didn't put them down because their home dropzone closed down - tried to get them to join in our normal activities, but most of them didn't seem to want to have too much to do with us because, of course, they were so much better than us. but during the years that they were there, we sponsored and backed their team (I believe that was the year they won Nationals). but they still wanted to keep the original Spaceland attitude and very rarely joined in any of the social aspects of our dropzone. for a long time it was like 2 seperate dropzones occupying the same space. when the new place opened up and they left, things got back to normal and SDH became it's old friendly fun place again. When the other dropzone shut down and their people joined us, the great social atmosphere even increased. we were considered to have the best instructors, best working atmosphere, best social atmosphere, and still after all these years THE BEST SAFETY RECORD OF ANY DROPZONE IN THE AREA! Yes, things have changed since we moved to Eagle Lake, but we still had a sterling reputation. So until you ACTUALLY know what you are talking about, why don't you keep your little inane comments to yourself.
  5. yep - I'm a liberal I believe in peoples rights I would have been against slavery (bible says it's ok) I am for women's rights (bible says that they should be subserviant) I am pro-choice (a woman has the right to decide what is going on with her body) I am anti-religion WHEN it is used to step on the rights of other people.
  6. well, you're certainly right about that last statement - because I consider myself to be a thinking, rational being that isn't swayed by superstitious beliefs that others have force fed me. oh - by the way - I checked out the fact filled website that you sited - WHAT A LAUGH!
  7. sorry but: Definition of Research - In the broadest sense of the word, the definition of research includes any gathering of data, information and facts for the advancement of knowledge. The key word being 'facts'. Would I base a research paper about rabbits by only reading 'Peter Cottentail'. you can't use some kind of religious website as a guide for forming your own beliefs without also using an opposing website to actually stimulate logical thought and reasoning. but there I go - equating religions thought with logic and reason. ah for the days of the Spainish Inquisition.
  8. so you're saying that he had a 'personal interview' with his god? or maybe was it thru one of his minions that maybe got the facts wrong. was he sure that it was the real thing and not just some shrub that was on fire?
  9. evidently the guy that wrote Acts liked shrimp, lobster and ribs. how convenient.
  10. so, how does that handle that pesky shellfish problem??
  11. to paraphrase JoAnne Worley - 'Is that some kind of quantum physics joke'??
  12. I liked the talking audible altimeter... '.you'
  13. any word yet as to how their jumps are going?
  14. starts today and runs thru the weekend. here's hoping everyone stays safe and completes a new World Record!