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  1. Anyone got pics or opinion on 2K's Kryten. Seems like a good Helmet for the price. Plus they are not charging VAT.
  2. try out Drift Innovations. ive got 3 of them and love the camera. it's got a remote. i even have one mounted on the wing and can push record from the remote which activates both camera's.
  3. now that sounds like a plan. just may have to make the drive!
  4. Thanks guys. We're heading up there to my brothers for new years. Wanted to get a jump in at a different dz but don't want to drive 2 hrs for a jump or 2. :(
  5. Anyone know of a dz around Franklin TN open around new years?
  6. Dude. I'm a skydiver. Theirs no way I can afford anything close to a 16 grand monitor. Lol All I know is out of all that I have jumped. Drift has been great for me. Using my dell computer, asus monitor and editing with power director 10. Consumer base stuff. Nothing professional. Playing on a 50in tv at the dz with no problems straight from the camera. Now I did have issues with Replay videos. I don't know the details but after editing and producing the video, it the codec would go stupid and give some really crappy video's. They would play for about 8 sec and go to a blank screen. Audio would be fine. It seemed that I could only do mpeg 4. Granted I'm sure I did something wrong. By no means am I tryin to get in a brand war. Just an opinion from an average joe that likes video stuff.
  7. DSE. which Drift camera did you jump? i am jumping their Stealth and HD camera. i haven't noticed any of the issues your referring to. maybe it was on older camera and older firmware. :) here is their newest one. that sucker has got an LCD screen, remote and is much easier to setup/mount than any POV that i have used.
  8. Have you tried the drift? Out of all of them, it has impressed me the most.
  9. ive talked with Replay and have been jumping their camera as well. it's built like a brick Sh#^ house. very easy to use and produces some good video. only thing that i really don't like is the out of the box set up. you have to open the txt file and change Bit rate, Saturation, exp, Etc. can't do it from the camera. the mounting hardware is solid! after jumping Replay, Contour, go pro and Drift innovations. Drift seem to me the best out the box with much more features. they came out with the smaller HD, waiting on one in the mail. their stealth camera is a bit bulky but i have one mounted on the side of my Revolve and it has worked flawless.
  10. man, i don't know but i want my skydiving pic on a credit card everyone will be using.. lol.. vanity look out!!
  11. LOL.. no way bro! love my drift!! we done the comparison test at the dz. i got ripped for not jumping go pro until everyone seen mine.. :) definitely not bashing go pro.:) i do allot of welding, im sure i can TIG some kind of bracket up..
  12. awesome man. thanks for the pic. i like that helmet but im kinda wanting the same set up as you except im jumping a Drift Stealth and not a gopro. i wonder if the drift could mount on the curvature beside the Rebel. i have it on a side mount now and hate the riser in the pics. drives me insane!
  13. anyone have any pics of their Optik or Halo setup. i can't really decide between the 2..
  14. The guys were extremely friendly and took me in like family. I highly recommend calling them if your in the area! AC packing area, 2 182's, plenty of room, friendly, what more could you want!