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  1. kimmy

    Vector 3 Micron

    Time Left: 1 day and 5 hours

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    Perfect condition, 500 jumps. Freefly handle, not articulated. Largest main canopy 135. Fits a 120 main and 126 reserve perfectly. Owner 5’4 125 lbs.


    San Marcos, Texas - US

  2. From where Paul and I were, it looked like around 10-15 peeps. Hell-I thought they were cheering for us........
  3. So-I have made it to every Revolution and I have yet to wear any of the tee-shirts. You just don't make them small enough. I am sure the boys will agree, baby doll tanks will look great on all of the female Rats!!
  4. Once again, a good time was had by all at the Revolution. Congrats to Chappy who took 1st in the Original Gansta catagory! Loved the video Chapsta! It was great to see everyone new and old school. I'll post some pics soon of all of the debauchery.
  5. Sweet! We finally will have a home! Add me and Paul to the list for the Revolution.
  6. Who is going?? Robert-you are being very coy, how about some more beta?
  7. Well Shannon, the weathermen are predicting conditions favoring mud wrestling rather than oily twister-but I'll be out Friday because weathermen LIE!
  8. When I got my "check" I studied the fed-ex. The sender of the check put that the origen of the Fed-ex was from Maryland, but the origen station ID was from Laos Nigeria. The guy even went so far as to call me to make sure I was wiring the money out. Of course I would not send off my canopy without cash in hand-but we are also on a site where most people think they are among friends so some people my have their guards down. (Still looking to sell my Sabre 135-brand new lines)!!
  9. There is a scam going on targeting skydivers selling gear from the classified section of Some jackass from Nigeria is offering money for gear, sending you a check way over the price with a very crafty story. They state they have a client who owes them money and will send you a cashiers check and you are to wire the remaining balance to them and they will arrange for the pickup of your gear. Once you realize the check was no good-your beloved is long gone and your screwed. They didn't get me-but they got a friend of mine for $5000. I did a google search for the guys name and all the search came up with was multiple sites on Nigerian scam artists. Be Aware Kimmy
  10. The date on the Spaceland website for the reunion is June 18th-20th. Is the website correct??
  11. Whoops-I just realized you wanted sit fly cartwheel advice. To do a right cartwheel, push down on the air with your right arm and tuck your right arm in and let the wind take you around.
  12. I have asked many people for cartwheel advice and gotten a different answer from everyone. What works for one person may not work for another. I had gotten tips and coach jumps from some of the best-Eli, Colon, Rat, Heath, and other freeflyers with great skills. I have tried at least 10 different ways to propell my bod around. Finally, Derek (aka Freefly Goat) gave me beta that worked for me. If you want to do a right cartwheel from a headdown position, drop your left arm to your side, then tuck your right arm and let the wind throw you into the cartwheel. Hope this works for you!
  13. It wasn't always like that. Back in the day we were there at 8 am. We need to get the groove back!
  14. I'll look for "Supergirl" and get her to say a special hello to our absent friend.......