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  1. I have a little metal one with two tiny screws that hold the blade in place. I pulled it out while I was waiting for the plane to come down one day and saw one screw had fallen out making it useless. Haven't had to use it though
  2. I have a Pilot 168 with a 200 reserve. Main and reserve don't have to be the same size (68 sq ft is probably a bit too big of a difference), but obviously you need to be proficient with both sizes/wing loadings. A 120 canopy is considered by a lot of people to be in the high performance category even for very light people. As always, talk with some instructors at your DZ before you invest in any gear.
  3. I had always thought most if not all canopies have them. My Pilot has does.
  4. I hope that one day we can attain that goal of reaching terminal velocity ;)
  5. Here's another vote for Elsinore.
  6. People fear what they don't understand. I think what would help out a lot is if you reviewed the specifics of how a rig works with an instructor. Once you understand it inside and out, some stress about jumping should be relieved. If you're 100% confident in your gear, you should at least feel safe when thinking about your next jump.
  7. You can disagree with Obama. Just do it in one thread. Don't be a fag and start ten.
  8. That's been my take on things. If he does exist and is as the bible paints him, I'd much rather spend eternity in hell. I won't be intimidated into bowing down to a sadistic narcissist, call me proud but that's just not an option. Yet the whole Satan entity gets all the grief when someone is suffering. It'd be quite easy to flip it around and paint Satan as a good guy and God as the mean enemy. I'm not big into following people who require one to have faith and blindly follow. Sounds like a used car salesman or a pyramid scheme. Well here we are again. May I assume you would paint Satan as the good guy because with him there isn't really much guilt for doing the things you want? If so, I can obviously see how so many would be into that. To me, he is like a crappy parent that isn't around much and lets his kids do whatever. On the other hand, to me, God is an awesome father that has the big picture in mind and is trying to grow a mature and complete adult. Whether or not you're a dad, I can't imagine you would think it smart to give your kid anything they want whenever they ask.
  9. A - This thread is entirely about blaming God. B - Killing and slaughtering innocent people wouldn't make you stronger since the hardship wouldn't be on you. If everyone loved their neighbor as they love themself as I believe God wants, this world would be excellent. It's the horrible people on this planet that make it awful.
  10. When you have a very short term scope, like the majority of us do, so many things seem just awful. But when you broaden that scope to an eternal perspective, things change quite a bit. I don't blame God for the 'bad' things that happen in my life, but rather try to look at them as He might. Hardships, as awful as they may be, develop us and grow us into stronger people (if we are fortunate enough to live through them). The testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. Let me turn that second paragraph around. What would you say of a world who lets people starve to death even though the Father provides plenty of food to go around and more than enough means to deliver that food to the starving? I believe that God wants us to be as charitable as we can afford. If He gives us the means, but we do nothing about it how could we blame Him?
  11. Ya your right, the kid lived to to the ripe old age of two. So what is the age where it is ok for people to die and not say God is a dick for causing it? Or is God a dick even when the oldest person in the world dies?
  12. It would be pretty awful if God loving us meant that everyone stayed alive forever. This place would be pretty crowded. I say you have a horrile perception of love.
  13. Ohhhh yeah boy did I misread that
  14. Yeah, Mirage sells them at least in their G4. They call them "Armored Risers." They just put the same steel cable housing that is used for reserve cables up in the risers. http://www.miragesys.com/products/mirage-g4/armored-risers/
  15. Well we've got one of the best riggers in the sport right in the bay area - Mr. Pete Swan. Also in the bay area is Ed Pawlowski (www.westcoastwingsuits.com). Fantastic guy with tons of experience.