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  1. I haven't been up to Skydive Snohomish in quite a while, but this is very difficult to hear... BSBD.
  2. I'll be there!! from Seattle...from Thursday evening to Sunday evening. This boogie always kicks ass!!!! Austin
  3. Yeah, Amazon has some issues with corn, most definately...I've heard it in persone on a couple of occasions when I mention being from KS originally hahaha. Anyway, I'm flying into Des Moines Thursday at 5, but unfortunately have to fly out Sunday evening due to flights being very booked up. Austin
  4. I should be there....depending on a possible new job schedule. Have been there the last two years and it is a great time...great jumps and very relaxed. Austin
  5. I don't have the ability to pass on invitiations yet, but will update when i do... Austin
  6. Thanks for the invite lemmonjelly!! will pass on the favor when i get the chance. Austin
  7. I would like an invite to join Gmail if anyone on here is able to offer an invitation to join. Thanks. Austin
  8. ah ok, that doesn't sound bad then. Maybe I'll head up there this weekend instead. Austin
  9. This Seattle Skydivers thing is going on at Kapowsin?? How far is Snohomish from Renton?? If it's not real far, I'd be tempted to drive up there if it's going to be students having their way all weekend. Austin
  10. I just moved to Renton and will probably be heading to Kapowsin this Saturday or Sunday. Is anyone from here going to be jumping there this weekend that is interested in doing a little freeflying? Austin
  11. This is most likely the truest statement in this thread...I had the (mis)fortune of going to N. Korea about three years ago now on a merchant vessel carrying FREE USA grain to North Korea because the World Food Organization deemed it a good idea. Well, the grain was off-loaded from the ship, packaged in white bags with red and blue USA printed on it (I have one of the bags and smuggled a camera to take pictures of the off-loading). The only North Koreans allowed anywhere near the ship to off load the grain were soldiers, and the grain went directly to the army. We heard rumors from some of the South Africans that were working with us that Kim Jong Il was taking the grain, and delcaring it quite a victory that they had stolen this grain........this was two weeks of the most disturbing time of my life that I will probably ever witness. Austin
  12. eh...the presentation and report got very good scores, but we were plagued with lots of little problems with our airplane during the actual competition....oh well, FREE trip to florida and jumping.
  13. Hey Ari, Thanks for the jumps on Friday and the info on helping my sitflying get better. I had a great time in Deland. Austin
  14. Cool, I'll probably get to jump on Friday, as the competition I have to go to is mostly on Saturday. Looking forward to jumping out there. Austin
  15. I'm going to be in Deland this weekend for a collegiate design competition that is taking place at the same airport as Skydive Deland.....I will more than likely try and sneak a few jumps in while I'm there. Anybody from here going to be there this Friday or Saturday? I mostly attempt to improve my freeflying. Would definately like to meet some people while I'm there. Austin