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  1. Hey all! So they're sending me to Vancouver on a business trip and I've got all of this coming sunday to play. "Oh see the city," they say. Sure. How bout from 135? So I'd like to know a DZ near vancouver that has a gear shop that I can rent from. If you can let me know I'd be very grateful and if you're they're let's JUMP! Thanks! "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  2. Yeah I was going to say, I remember from a factory tour that Bill didn't hold back on the three ring and shared it with every manufacturer because it was and still is to my knowelge, the fastest and safest way to cutaway. That's why I jump RWS. Way ahead of the curve and still coming up with the safest equipment. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  3. Must share this...buddy of mine (now known as miracle mike and can't believe he or his wife haven't posted here yet) was jumping. Lots of theories on how it happened but in the end he had two out all wrapped up in each other. Just one big ball of crap over his head and he was falling fast. About 20 feet off the ground the ball of crap snags a skinny lone tree which bends under his weight, slowing him and then snaps and plops him down in a cold puddle of mud. A few bruises and one big ass smile later he was fine. True story. At the Ranch a couple years ago. There's still video of it. A camera guy at the loading area filmed his entire decent and miraculous landing. He still jumps. Just don't kiss him before you jump with him. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  4. Geez. Touchy much? I wasn't saying it was faulty and I've been given some interesting leads to read up on the faulty-ness of the 45 degree rule. And will. But please relax. I'm asking only because with such a discussion on this subject and no discussion on the claim the 45 degree doesn't work I just wanted to ask. And still while being insulted no one has shown my why it does not work. And I tell people skydivers are the best nicest people aroung. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  5. Thanks billvon and I think I see what you're saying but to the situation you propose: If a group gets out and hits a perfect head down in high winds they're not going to get to my "45 degree rule" (which I have no stronger basis for other than hearing it from people I trust and seeing good results from it so please don't think it's my bible I just want to understand this as it's always been a concern of mine) not in 4 seconds at all. In fact while they will become very small before they are there they would get there. So no matter if I caught the same gust they did leaving the plane so much time has gone by that we've all but eliminated the possability of collision. They would have been sitting in that gust for the last 15 seconds + (please don't say you'd have left in 4 - although I've been to DZ's that insisted on it - I don't go to there anymore) No? Hell, they'll be packing up before I open! To the point that 45 degrees is different to everyone I just gotta say, huh? I mean my 45 may be your 46 but I think any simpleton could identify 45 degrees. Right??? And I am not foolisd (a foolish thing to accuse me of). If I were I doubt this subject would interest me enough to ask. And you had me believing in the value of what you had to say until then. Thanks anyway. Anyone who can make a point without making an insult? "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  6. I went to it when it was mentioned in the thread. But if it's going to tell me the group before me never reaches 45 degrees it's wrong. It's time vertical and more importantly horizontal. 45 degrees from where I am when I exit. Granted in different conditions that time to get to 45 is longer and they're much smaller but they will get there. Edit to say: I am no genius at this and I won't present any calculations to prove my point I'd rather have someone else (and there seems to be a bunch out there) who has got their minds wrapped around this better show me plainly why common sense just doesn't work in this situation. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  7. What caused me to read this incredibly long thread is the very first post I see which states that the 45 degree rule does not work. Yet no one has shown me why it doesn't. Whether I'm supposed to peak into the cockpit and calculate airspeed vs. wind speed or look 3 miles down at the ground and determine how fast I'm moving is it just not easier and much more reliable to look out at the last group, wait until they're at 45 degrees from the door and then jump and have some fun? Please tell me how that does not work. They're on a different column of air. They have an appropriate time-relationship distance. Half of one 6 dozen of another how will I end up on top of them (unless you back slide like an SOB like me). "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  8. I checked the first box because I chopped a canopy that was flying perfectly fine, but it was a step through. I was still above 2000ft and hadn't touched my toggles. In heinsight I could'of and should'of (maybe) but I live by the philosophy of when if doubt whip it out and chop ching I was under a nice white reserve. Hard to explain later but I'm always happy to explain later when I may not have been able to at all. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  9. For tough stains I've gotten a warm bowl of water. Spray in some Shout stain remover. Get a very soft brush (tooth brush if it's small enough, but they never are) and wet the brush in the bowl and gently scrub off. Watch for fuzzys and moving the stitching. You're scrubbing too hard if you see that. I've seen this meathod remove old grass stains even. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  10. I've got more than 50 pack jobs. Not in a row and not in a while. I've got 5 bucks. I'll pay it and take whatever I get. I'm not proud. Just lazy. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  11. I hate to pack. It stresses me out and it's all that's on my mind in the plane. I'm not afraid of another cutaway. I'm afraid of it being one of my packs. But when I'm forced to. 30 minutes at least. Can you see why I hate it sooo much! "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  12. I did not own an Odyssey but I did have a Javelin and I now own a Micron. I find the construction of the Micron to be far superior to what SunPath had made for me. But don't get me wrong. I loved that rig as you will with any rig you buy. But as far as total comfort my Micron just fits my body better. The way the yoke is cut around my chest the way the container is placed on my back. Smaller, yet no less important, details also make me a big believer in RWS. Their pillow handles are firm and easy to grab. Even with the stiffener the other manufacturers supply I see them always bending under the harness. I'm not saying this is impossible with the RWS rig but if it had you would know it because it is cylindrical and would probably cause you pain if it was positioned like that. I want to go on and on about their customer service (as it really is exceptional) but I've heard wonderful stories about the people from Mirage, Wings and other very reputable companies. But you will notice that the RWS team's attention to detail is exceptional. Everything I wanted on my rig from the monogrammed handles (D'Oh! on cutaway and Woo Hoo! on the reserve) to changing the Vector 3 to MICRON on the back was taken care of. I got it tie-dyed which is an expensive risk as you don't really know how it will turn out, but it looks incredible. I would strongly reccomend anyone should go for the Vector 3. But it will just come down to what you want. And time and money. How long will they take to make it and how much it will cost. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  13. Three pages of posts and I haven't read any but the first. So if I may reply to that (and this may have been stated time and time again). I have not been in the sport as long as some, but in that time I have seen first hand (disregarding what I've read) more people paralyzed, seriously injured and killed under canopies they were 1:1 on or in that neighborhood than under the more "extreme" canopies. Due to poor judgement, bad last minute decisions and no flares. I don't think taking the choice out of the individuals hand and into a regulatory body's would improve the safety of our sport. It's inherently dangerous and those who manage to go through a life in the sport uninjured have taken the precautions on their own and have been handed a little bit of luck too. I would refuse to jump at a DZ that had restrictions on wing loading even if I passed their standards because I feel my purest draw to skydiving is its freedom. The sensation and the intangible knowlege of it. It's what brings me back when I get frustrated and cheers me up when I'm down. I'm willing to celebrate that with all my breatheren but don't stifle that with more rules. Maybe I'm a Darwinist. Maybe I'm a realist. Maybe I don't know my ass from my elbow. But I'm always in favor of less restrictions. I hope this gets read all the way down here. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  14. I responded yes because I watched it done in the RWS video that came with my Micron. I wanted to see how it was done and what went into it, but I've never watched, first hand, a rigger pack one up. And never felt it necessary. Until now of course. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"
  15. Dad compares it to his love of sailing all the time. Mom loves her baby and would love to see him stop but won't nag about it. Poor woman. One time I quite convincingly said that I was through. It was too expensive and blah blah blah. You should have seen her eyes light up. For once I actually felt bad when I had to say I was kidding. "Five days? But I'm angry now!"