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  1. I never understood why the auto pilot would not land the plane...My insurance agent was not happy with that answer when I called and told him my plane never came back to the airport
  2. Ok after reading some of the post mine is not that high, $585.00 a month for 2 mill isn't as bad as I thought
  3. Yes there is, I have 2 mill. and pay thru the nose for it, but there is no limits on how many jumps I make. Banner Life Insurance
  4. Now that would really twist my arm to get me and my wife to take that long flight, skydiving and a winary..pre reg us now
  5. Im going to be there, but wife will be with me so no room sharing..unless you are a chickl
  6. Being from Southern La. we are all taught to only cook book is a hand written with all the famlies secrets.
  7. Just another statment from beginner who knows nothing
  8. While I don't have my accuracy down yet, only 19 jumps, My coach at my drop zone has been teaching me this method, I have been landing within 12 ft of my target. Accuracy is something I really want to perfect. I am amazed by the guys who pilot their chutes to a dot on the ground....One day I WILL be there...Thanks
  9. I was on solo status and on vacation in Co., I called and spoke to the DZ and they said as long as brought my signed log book and did not mind jumping with a coach they would allow me. So I went and spent a hour in the tunnel than went and spent the next day skydiving. The DZ (mile-high) was so friendly and helpful to me and my lack of knowledge.
  10. He did help me out with my choice, he def was in my ear for the first 5 jumps.....and was there to tell me what I did wrong after I was no longer on the radio.
  11. Down in Baton Rouge and Gold Coast Skydiving in my home D.Z.
  12. OK after doing some homework and riding a few differant canopy's I just bought my new rig, ended up with a wings container with a Spectra 7 cell 230. I really loved the soft openings of this unit. and I find the flare at landing great, nothing but tip toe landings with it.
  13. There is if you're six foot five DAMN!!! Jumping out of a cessena has to be fun for you...
  14. Lets not forget insurance, I own a plumbing company that specialize in glass drain lines for labs. My insurance runs over 60k a year for just 3 trucks...
  15. It is huge, I stole one of my sons catcher gear bags. So I have plenty of room.