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  1. SkyVenture NH is running a Black Friday block time sale. $500 hours if you buy 6 hours. Here is a link to the deal.
  2. This 1200hp recirculating tunnel is New England’s only vertical wind tunnel, located 45 minutes north of Boston on the Massachusetts / New Hampshire border. It is ½ mile north of the busiest shopping mall in New Hampshire.
  3. Here is a link to a construction pic!/pages/Surfs-Up-NH/213215712038348
  4. ahh... we like our tube of pleasure... it might be 12 feet but that doesn't stop us from doing a 12 way head down! Huck Jam at SVNH tunnel comp 2012. Hope you can come and visit our AMAZING new expansion when it is done.
  5. News from SkyVenture NH... for anyone that has not been in lately or is wondering what all the construction is at SkyVenture NH. SVNH is pleased to announce that our 11 thousand foot expansion is well underway and we are looking to open april / may 2013. We are adding a 32 foot Surfstream to our line up. It is the first in the US and the largest in the world. The Surfstream is the only machine that you ride a regular surf board and produces three waves found in nature. It has a training wave, an oscillating river wave ( which you can kayak also ) and a 6 foot standing barrel with 28 feet of face to carve on right or left. Our new Surf's Up project also includes our Fishpipe, Rock Wall, Oasis food cafe, surf side party room, gift shop and more! All of this under one big retractable roof and decked out carribean style with real palm trees. So in 2013 you will not only be able to FLY at SVNH but you can hang out in our new tropical paradise.
  6. Soon YOU will be able to SURF and FLY at SVNH. We are still busy planning our new addition of indoor surfing coming 2012. The house next to the tunnel will be flattened soon and the sewer pipe moved to make way for the surfstream. For those of you who have not been to the tunnel lately be sure and come check out and ride our fishpipe. The fishpipe will be on site until it gets cold in mid September. If you don't know what it is... check out the website. It is nothing but FUN. Plan on getting wet and bring a towel
  7. We have done a bunch of R&D at our tunnel and the Ouragan suits stand up better than any other suit. If you plan to do a good amount of time in the tunnel then you really should think about a sky/tunnel suit without spandex. The amount of drag is kind of on you.. and also which tunnel that you choose to fly in. SVNH is a fast tunnel and requires less drag. A slower tunnel like orlando would require more drag. Depending on your build and level will also factor in the amount of drag that you want. You could always talk to the instructors that are helping you with your head down and ask them what amount of drag that would be most helpful to you. Good luck!
  8. The weather is good and the summer is here... so it is shaping up for a great summer in the sky and tunnel! Skyventure NH is pleased to announce our membership see for details and some new changes! Joe Winters will be at SVNH from now to july 13th. So if you are looking for coaching with Joe book soon due to his schedule is filling up fast. He will be back again on July 28th if you miss him on this trip. Don't forget if you are looking for a hotel when you are at SVNH the Radisson gives us a great rate of $59.00 plus tax. Be sure to mention that you are flying with us. As always at SVNH we provide true tunnel time on all of your blocks. So if you buy 30 minutes you get 30 minutes. Your tunnel time does not start until the first person enters the airflow. Giving you more AIR time!
  9. I believe that Pepperell does the skydive U aff style coarse. Give them a call... I saw Rob from Skydive U there this weekend and I know they bring their students to our tunnel. We help many aff students with their progress. If you decide to book some time at our tunnel make sure that you let the front desk know when booking what your goals are and we are always happy to help. Blue Skies!
  10. If you need a hotel Reservation you can call the Radisson at 603-888-9970. Make sure you tell them that you are flying at SkyVenture NH to get our special rate of $59.00 plus tax.
  11. Now that summer is almost here SVNH will be kicking off some spring / Summer Madness specials so stay tuned!
  12. We had a woman that was 93 that flew at SkyVenture NH and she did pretty good. It is always harder for older people due to the lack the flexibility. Cudos for your dad giving it a try.
  13. The #1 thing is customer safety. I understand that it may be a little harder to do. It could be a bad day if someone was up high ( our tunnel is 45 feet to the top ) and they had a shoulder dislocate. Playing it safe is always the best route.
  14. No.... not a skyventure. I think that it is a nice looking tunnel also.... here is the link to the company that built it.