Trading Hours

14:00 - 22:00 Weekdays
10:00 - 22:00 Weekends

What it costs

195 USD for 5 minutes
270 USD
475 USD
900 USD



This 1200hp recirculating tunnel is New England’s only vertical wind tunnel, located 45 minutes north of Boston on the Massachusetts / New Hampshire border. It is ½ mile north of the busiest shopping mall in New Hampshire.

Diameter of 12ft

Contact Us
1-888-SKYVENTURE / 1-603-897-0002

100 Adventure Way, Nashua, New Hampshire, NH 03060, United States
Nashua, New Hampshire
NH 03060
United States

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This was my first experience at any tunnel so take my review for what it is. I went there with the intention of getting coached on si flying. I ended up just getting coached on back bc hey like o make sure you can fly in all directions in belly & back prior to moving on to sit. After 32min of coaching over 2 hours, I still need more back coaching but I still learned so much there is no question it was worthwhile. Kenny was my coach & I would recommend him to anyone.

The only thing I didn't like is that I only booked for 15min. They gave me an additional two min at the end of my 1st session at a reduced price. When I decided to add another 15min they charged me another $240 (original 15min was $270). So they gave me $30 off but if I had booked the 30min at one time it would have been $475 for 30min instead of the $510 I paid for it. Maybe this is how all of the tunnels work. At any rate it was only another $35 and I will definitely be back.
Also my muscles were so tired I didn't get as much as I could have out of the last 5min of the day. Next time I will book 30min again but I will spread it out over more time.

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Having spent a fair amount of my early tunnel hours at NH, I can say that I enjoyed the experience there, especially when working with Joe Winters who's a really good instructor. He's able to break down his instruction to a more detailed level than many other instructors and that can really be extremely valuable. Doing camps there with Scarecrow or others was really helpful as well since the instructors aren't allowed to fly with people. That's really the main limitation to the tunnel, it's hard to progress on your own and coaching should either come with a smile from Joe Winters or some other person who knows what they're doing. The location for someone in NYC is the best there is but that isn't great. If you're in Boston or somewhere else in the NE, it's good but shares limitations with the other 12' (and smaller) tunnels if you're trying to work on movement. It's pretty comfy there and food is close by.

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