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  1. flyingmontana

    2011 USPA Nationals 4-way intermediate draw

    I did intermediate 4-way at 2011 nationals and one of my teammates posted photos of the dive flow sheets on his Facebook page. They're a little hard to make out but understandable. If you PM me your email address I'll download them and send them to you. (Unless you find a simpler solution first!)
  2. flyingmontana

    Lost Prairie Boogie 2012 (Aug 4 -12) Roll Call

    Last summer was my first time at Lost Prairie and it was such a fantastic boogie. Awesome free coaching from Arizona Arsenal--and I loved jumping with Mad John so much that I followed him to Nicaragua and onto the infamous "Wet Spot" load. So I really do have to go back to LP to purge those watery memories and get my bird canopy back up in that blue Big Sky.
  3. flyingmontana

    Women's 4way team looking for 4th

    Hi, I was wondering if I could ask for a little more information about the team you're putting together? I live south of Toledo and have been wanting to check out Start Skydiving for a while. I've been jumping for almost 2 years and have almost 600 jumps; I just began seriously training 4-way a few months ago. I competed at Nationals in October with Mario Mauro as a player-coach for the pick-up team I put together. We competed in Intermediate and averaged about 7 points, not too bad since 3 of us had no experience at 4-way at all. My desire is to become as good at 4-way as possible. I look forward to hearing from you. Montana Miller
  4. flyingmontana

    Skydive Kentucky (Elizabethtown)?

    I spent a couple of days there last year. The DZO, Jim Moore, is a great guy, and they have a small but loyal group of fun jumpers, enough to keep loads running at a steady pace. I don't enjoy jumping out of a Cessna as much as a turbine, so I haven't gone back, but if I lived closer (I'm 6 hours away, and my DZ has a PAC 750) I definitely would, just for the people and the atmosphere there. It's like a family that welcomes you right away and you always have friendly, helpful people to jump with. The scenery is pretty beautiful from the air. Good landing area, plenty of outs, nice facilities to hang out at between jumps. I recommend it without question!
  5. flyingmontana

    Skydive San Diego

    I was just here for a day and had a really good experience. Almost everyone was very friendly, there were no hassles and it was very easy to manifest. It has a very small-dz feel. They charge $25 per jump ticket, but pack jobs are cheap--just $5. The port-a-potties are a downside, for sure. I enjoyed the view from altitude--interesting to see the cars lined up at the Mexican border from up high! Beautiful view of the ocean. There aren't many good places to land if you land off, but there should be no reason to land off--the airport is so easy to see, and the pilot spots by GPS...I had no problem at all landing on target, and I am a fairly new jumper. There are a lot of holes in the ground on the landing area, like gopher holes or out, I wouldn't want to land with a foot in one of them! Extremely convenient to the city--just a short drive!
  6. flyingmontana

    Skydive Orange

    As a newbie with 47 jumps, I made Skydive Orange my first trip to a dropzone other than my home DZ. The drive from Washington DC (where I was visiting relatives) was really long with traffic--try to avoid commuting hours. The area is really beautiful--great view from 13,500. The best thing about the place was the helpful, friendly attitude everyone had. I felt welcomed and since I'm pretty inexperienced I really needed a lot of help, which they gave generously. I rented gear from them and they helped me find someone a bit more experienced than me to jump with. Various regulars helped me with gear checks, with understanding the landing pattern, with spotting the airport, etc. I didn't feel alone at all and I would have loved to stay and skydive all day (or the whole weekend!) with these great people and get to know them better. The only real problem I had was that the landing area for students/A licenses was very hilly and I wasn't used to that at all, so I had a hard landing on my first jump. That hurt my foot enough that I had to stop for the day. (They kindly gave me some ice for it.) There are also quite a lot of cow pies in this landing area. Next time I'll know to flare just a touch higher! The hangar is decorated very distinctively and while I didn't have much chance to hang out, I could tell the atmosphere here is really cool. It's HOT though--no AC, just a couple of fans. This is a dropzone I hope to return to many times in the years to come as I continue in the sport. Wish I could have gotten to know everyone better--they seemed like great people. Excellent emphasis on safety; I would only suggest that they mention to newcomers that the hills in the landing area can come up on you FAST.