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  1. In noway trying to cause issues. Guess different dz s mean different learning techniques. Main thing is to be aware and safe.
  2. The HELL they are!!!! Go from 90's right too 270's.... You come to lodi, mile high, z hills,deland,eloy Ill slap the shit out of you for doin that here:(... You have a blind spot... Dangerous turns... IN NOOOOOO WAY IS THAT THE PROPER PROGRESDION IN SWOOPING. Its for guys who are tea hing themselves and are hoseing themselves. Being a mod here you might NOT want to give advice on things you dont know. Ive seen you swoop and I would NOT give out advice my friend. We need to teach safe and responsible swooping techniques. Not give wrong info to newbies... Cheesedick out.
  3. They R speaking "freely"...... Between each other.:)
  4. DOUCHE BAG...Get some experience and jumps below your thong before you start giving advice...P.S Enjoy that manta 260:/
  5. 2 jumps on it today then got winded out.Not a huge difference.Little steeper dive and abit faster.But no huge difference.I do like it though...
  6. Just curious if any one has jumped these.Put about 300 + on my 129 .Just curious how the 119 with 50 jumps on it will differ? Thanks for the input... 1.9 w/l on the 119.only went up .1
  7. What canopy,w/l ..??Just curious.Reserve rides.No biggie.Its a good thing.At least now you know you can save your own ass.
  8. Im jumping a mx with a x fire 129 and a 126 optimum reserve.fits great..
  9. L S.allll the way.Just ordered my second item.Camera suit.I love my FF suit...Good choice
  10. Sounds scary as hell .Id stop jumping..J/K..Just fly your canopy and Stop flying in brakes.You have plenty of time for that later...
  11. Just curious if someone can help me out.So as im coming down from my 180 s or 90 s i tend to lean back while traveling across ground.Getting lots of speed but just cant figure out how to lean forward and the pros and cons of that.Thanks.
  12. Where did you order it from, China? Is it being shipped via container ship through the gulf and up the mississippi? The book shouldn't take more than a few days to reach you from anywhere in the lower 48. If you really wanted to do this 'right', you would have at least waited the couple of days for the book to show up, and read it before you started swooping with no coaching or mentor. Even then, just reading the book isn't going to really cut it, but at least you could have done that. My read on the situation so far - no coach, no mentor, not willing to wait for the book, looking for adivce on the internet. It all adds up to you just stopping now and giving up swooping. You haven't made any good choices and I think you know it. Why esle would you want to conceal your inquires over PMs only? Hoping you'll stumble onto a swooper who will agree with you, or maybe you just want to deal with one 'hater' at a time when they don't agree? In case you hadn't noticed, the majority of jumpers killed in the last decade or so did so under an open canopy. How about giving that part of skydiving a little repect, and either slow your roll and ease into these things, or do it right and get some training and real-world, first-hand information. I'd love to learn to fly a helicopter, but I can't afford to rent one and pay an instructor. My solution is not to buy a cheap helo and learn on my own, my solution is to wait until such time that I can afford to do it properly. See? Respect.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI4d5AeAi7g Obviously you didnt read his post about not FlAmmmming HIS ass.Damn.....Bet you couldnt type fast enough ...Funny, bet your the man under canopy though..lol...