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  1. My exit weight was around 240lbs. My first rig has a 190 silhouette in it. i lost weight, but i still WL it 1.2. I stood up my first landing on it. Its forgiving (recovers quick from dives) and easy to time flair. Its hard to explain how it flies but its fun. easy to pack. Before it, the smallest thing i jumped was a student PD210 I have jumped various sabre2 170 and larger. They fly steeper. They dive more in turns. Some days i appreciate the flatter glide. The silhouette has quick (but soft) openings and generally on heading. The sabres take longer to open. hope this helps, i don't have experience with any other canopy yet.
  2. I just got my A license last weekend, my arch got WAY better around my 10th jump from a coach having me do this: Stand facing a wall with your toes about 5 inches away from the wall. Then, without moving your feet, shift your hips forward until your penis presses against the wall. Its not so much in the back/shoulders, its more of a hips thing. Also, you can try toe taps every now to try to get a feel about your leg awareness. Dont look at the ground, keep your eyes on the horizon so that your chin stays up. Good luck. Skydiving is good for the soul
  3. it was pretty aggressive. WL is 1:1. I will talk to the instructors about it more on Friday, I better bring a cooler full. Skydiving is good for the soul
  4. I am E-2 AFF student. I have had extremely good luck on all my jumps, passing with ease, stand up landings, etc. First off, I have a new found respect for canopy control and a canopy course will be the first thing I seek out after I get my A license. With the student rig, my last 5 jumps, i have been playing with deep toggle turns, 360 to 720, etc. Full toggle on other side. I has never been a problem and I always felt comfortable and in control. On my 2nd jump of the day last weekend, I was under canopy by 4000ft, did my controlability check and made my way to the "play area." Around 3200 ft, I pulled my right toggle to about the middle of my rib cage, canopy started to turn and dive (to the right) then I felt what i am guessing was a stall... i was turning right, but my body twisted left, the canopy was at least partially deflated. By 2600 feet the canopy had resumed normal flight and by 23 or 2400 feet I had kicked out of the line twist. Scared the hell out of me, I was a second away from chopping it. Nobody on the ground had seen what happened and my AFF instructor had'nt landed yet, So all I could do was describe it to them like I am describing it here. Winds were gusty, which was a first for me. Normally they are steady 5 to 18mph. On a side not, the winds had completely shifted from out of the south to out of the east between when my instructor landed and when i landed. Im not positive, but i "think" i quickly released the toggle after the stall, which i have read can make it worse. I wanted to share this and see if anybody can tell me what probably happened, if the gusty winds was a factor, etc. Why i have been turning full toggle with no problem, but this half toggle turn put me out of control, etc. Thanks for any advice! Skydiving is good for the soul
  5. thanks for detailing that, that put it at a different angle. I talked to a couple people instructors @ my DZ. They are going to keep their eyes open for something for me. Skydiving is good for the soul
  6. yea, i plan to rent every different canopy my DZ offers and jump them all to compare. I am in no hurry to buy, but I want something to look forward to. I will likely buy a new container and a used main. But still looking for as much info as possible from you guys that have been there/done that. Skydiving is good for the soul
  7. I am trying to research gear, but there seems to be a common trend. Everybody loves their rig and thinks its the best. I am wondering if there is any input or sites that have individuals who have tried many different canopies and have elaborated on their experience with them? Thanks. Skydiving is good for the soul
  8. So i did my FJC / groundschool on thursday. I was the only customer there all day, did the class by myself. Windy all weekend, so no chance to get the first jump yet :/ Hopefully pretty soon! Skydiving is good for the soul
  9. ttribe


  10. Hoping to find somebody thats been on the fence about starting AFF training. A freind and I are going to groundschool this Thursday, if we get 1 more we all get a discount, if we get 3 more, we get a bigger discount! Let me know... Skydiving is good for the soul
  11. I tried to submit a few pictures a couple times over the last few days, but it doesnt seem to be working. any tips? Skydiving is good for the soul
  12. Way cool man, thanks for the invite. Im working my ass off this week so i can take off thurs through sunday next week. Im always down for a beer. Hit me up next time. Skydiving is good for the soul
  13. So tandems always go first or is it tandems are allowed to go in higher winds? That would suck to make the hour drive and get nothing done... I guess, at least, can hope to meet some fellow enthusiasts. NONE of my friends want to skydive with me. I guess Im bringing a cooler... Skydiving is good for the soul