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  1. she was already out of the harness in the door. He had no choice but to throw the drogue, there was no fixing that with or without drogue. to the person that made the comment about no jumpsuit....you are an idiot. the harness was no doubt too loose and the door position was wrong and the choice to leave was wrong, but that teal jacket saved her life. If it hadnt bunched up around her head then the lower back strap would not have hung around her neck, which was the only thing holding her upper body in.
  2. yea not trying to knit pick but the CX with a good lens is easily 3 times the weight of gopro. (anywhere from half a pound to a pound more depending on lens). Also Mounting position makes a big difference to. when they are both on top of your helmet it does make a difference. Also with a 10.5 still lens the camera is mounted far forward this means the video will have to be as well. Makes a very front heavy helmet. Im not against the CX but i simply think the Gopro is adequate for what they pay. That 100 dollar video is good value,even with a gopro. They pay a spot on the airplane, a cut to the DZ, and Paying someone for their time, skills, camera equipment, skydiving equipment wear and tear. A pack job and a edited finished product on some type of disc or drive. It takes all that to have photos and stills captured in a extreme environment. 100 bucks?...not a bad deal. Go pro video isnt that bad. They use them on most every reality show on TV and the general viewer doesnt know the difference in the footage. My origianl point though is if you are substituting a camera with a GoPro then I would substitute the video and keep shooting DSLR for stills.
  3. valid point. Im a still photo geek so I weight up my head with that and try to keep the video small. Especially with it all top mounted. Agree about audio and 180 lens though.
  4. thumb drive is the only way to go. HOw bout spending the money on a still set up and shooting video with the GoPro? Thats more than good enough for web distribution, which most people use anyway. And then you can print high quality stills to hang on the wall. All while still saving your neck and protecting your longevity in the sport and future health. there is a point where you need to draw the line with how much you are willing to provide for the 100 bucks they are paying, most of which you arent getting in your pocket. They should get adequate documentation without you risking your health.
  5. OK. check this out the remote release is a easy fix. buy a hahnel HRN 280. this kit has pigtails to fit several nikons including the 7000. Then go to radioshack and buy a female coupler for about 2 dollars. Then your canon bite switch and the pigtail plugs right into the coupler. No splicing or cutting.
  6. this has turned into an entirely different thread. Once again the hot headed pot stirrers have taken over. Where are the Mods to keep this site legit? Back on topic- A issue 4 yrs ago is in no way a legit excuse to evict a operation and deny access. that issue is for the FAA to handle and for them to pass out punishment, not the airports responsibility. No matter how much you dislike an operation or how sour your grapes are you should protect your tax payer rights and stand against corrupt political threats to your sport and your rights. If that operation is evicted, do you really think the airport will open its arms to another one that is of your approval? If you think yes you are a fool. It took all of about half of a page for this thread to prove why dropzone.com is the worst source for skydiving information and the best source for angry bored passive aggressive banter. Seriously mods......do your job.
  7. what you have is a common reflex response. Dont listen to people telling you dumb stuff or saying "just breathe". YOu cant for a reason that is medically sound. the good news is you can beat it by taking some advice that has already been given. Fullface helmet or a face mask. Warm weahter will not be as difficult if noticeable at all. I have the same problem in spring and fall when the temps are cooler. read this article Ive attached, it will help explain it. Seems like the skydiving community is very uneducated on this which surprises me. I have heard alot of tandems and AFF complain about it. http://ijch.fi/issues/662/662_Koskela.pdf Pay close attention to the bottom in the part called coldair-provoked lower airway reflex response. john mitchel is right about holding your hands under your chin as well. He seems to be familiar with the reflex issue you are speaking of
  8. all I see in this video is the evolution of safety in our sport. With new technology and new norms we must evolve in our thinking. This video is an excellent peice of training and brings to light new things to think about when it comes to small cameras. Gopros and contours and such are new norms in our sport and now we must go through the scenarios and incidents that will shape how we consider this technology when planning jumps. Not sure why people are bent out of shape about this. This is the normal process of discovery that follows any "new" technology. The ghost will slowly reveal themselves over the following years and we will adapt our technique to accomodate them. More importantly the airplane in the video has a registration of D-FUNK! Now thats awesome!
  9. hallux

    AFF pay

    I figure it cost me about 42.13 to do an AFF after I figure in packing, wear and tear, and the occasional cutaway and reserve packjobs, Also factoring in the stress involved with worrying about whats going to happen.
  10. instead of trying to get on a internet forum and get unreliable info from forum egos and nerds, maybe you should just use your brain and call the DZ's, talk to the managers/ Owners and find out yourself. DUH!
  11. everything kills people...dont be stupid. And I know about 105 what Im saying is that two experienced skydivers on a tandem rig should be treated no differently than two experienced jumpers on a sport rigs. No student should = no extra regs just because its a tandem system. These rules only exist in 105 to protect students in commercial operation because that is what the tandem systems existence was intended for.
  12. people freak out when they see a tandem rig being used as a skydiving rig. Why is this? why have we made it into some kind of big deal? Its not a nuclear device....its a skydiving rig! If its being used or supervised by someone who is properly experienced or trained, The DZO feels comfortable with it, and there is no student involved then who cares? and how is that illegal? what is your take on this scenario: If a tandem makes a jump out of a friends plane with two experienced skydivers using a tandem rig and one of the skydivers is an experienced licensed instructor and its not a commercial operation then where is the illegal in that? A tandem rig is someones personal property and at that point is just another parachute system. No commercial student activity should equal no regs.
  13. if the picture is real then the outcome was more than likely the bridle immediately slide out from under the camera when it lifted the instructors head. In this scenario I have to imagine it could have just as easily been under his chin. He was probably a little high and a little close during the pull. All I see is that stuff can happen if you choose to make skydiving a part of your life. He will probably never wear the gopro again on AFF. Without a real incident report this is nothing more than a grainy pic pulled off the internet with crappy block font photoshopped on it