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  1. same here....haven't logged on here for ages...don't bother to look to see who has passed, as it hurts my heart to see more friends gone. I'm very sorry to hear that Mike passed. He was one of the good guys. My condolences to his friends and family...he will be greatly missed.
  2. Let's not forget Ian, who had worked for PD for many years, and after a short time with Aerodyne, lost his life on the streets of Tampa at an intersection he was stopped at waiting for the light to change. We have to wonder if the person that hit him was texting or using his phone in some way. Condolences to Brent's family & friends. So very sorry to hear of the loss...his family will be in my prayers for the strength to get through such a tragedy.
  3. so how often are you seeing this? it's bad enough when a dz creates bullshit rules and then blatantly violates FAR like this...no medical, and not enough strength to flare the canopy, but she's (yes she) was on the back & the PIC...NICE! I really hope that maybe Marc Procos and Bill Booth read this...I'll be happy to give you guys the pertinent information...as well as the "video" guys name who happens to be a TI, and her husband's name who also is a TI. The attitude that "we'll just do as we please" in this sport is disgusting.
  4. tip your packers/riggers...they keep you comfortable and alive, just as much, if not more, than your instructors. your packers/riggers will remember that you were good to them, as much as they were good to you. the packers/riggers on the dz see the least love when the $$ is going around.
  5. It is hard to believe it's been that long...some times it doesn't seem that long and others it seems like forever that he's been missed.
  6. Febreeze after the wash, dry and inspection. I would agree, I would be leary of the rig if it had enough damage that you won't jump the canopies, why would you want the rig...there's plenty of gear available for reasonable prices that's not damaged.