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  1. Makes sense. Aerobatic pilots usually wear bailout rigs, even though technically they don't have to.
  2. AWESOME! I'm considering getting back into it…I need either a new hobby or pick up an old one. Last two jumps were in 2011, and before that, some time in 2009. I just need a new job (hopefully in a month) that will support me monetarily in getting back into the sport and maintaining currency. Glad to see you're in again, and I wish you the best!
  3. My last jump was ~#83 around January 2010. I got USPA membership expedited on Thursday night and went there Saturday and Sunday with a few first time jumpers interested in AFF. I got back up to speed and all of us are planning on returning next weekend. The staff there are extremely friendly, and the vibe is just amazing. My only downside is that I wish they had something bigger than a C-182 since I'm used to a Caravan zipping up a bunch up to altitude fast, but that's only a 4/5 for the aircraft. Being from Hawaii, I'm going to miss this dropzone when I have to leave, but I'll be back there again, even if just for the dropzone.
  4. just thought i'd say...NEVER FACEBOOK AFTER FINISHING A BOTTLE OF WINE AND A FEW BEERS. you will hurt people. a lot. okay, i'm done. i'm leaving now. i'll be sober and horrified in the morning.
  5. I like where your head is at! Unfortunately this guy is too much of a douche bag to have a girlfriend. Apart from the porn on his laptop he's all alone. Of course I could always come out of the bathroom holding his laptop and claim the battery ran out on mine while I was rubbing one out so I finished myself off with his, that would work. if you have access to it, delete his porn. if it's hidden, wipe his hard drive
  6. g'mornin! about to crash out. have a great morning!
  7. nah...my life ended when i started working 7 days a week.
  8. i always drink my coffee black... why do i always come on here when i work in the morning??
  9. the link is now on my facebook wall. most of skydive hawaii should see it.
  10. g'mornin! i got 6 hours before i gotta wake up so cya later...
  11. but having to go through all that sucks. that's alot of paperwork
  12. but GOOD MORNING to everyone past the hawaii time zone!!
  13. it's 23:54 so i'm gonna crash out while it's still night...my morning will start in 5 hours when i get my fat ass moving again...got alot of weight to lose and alot of cardio to regain..
  14. OUCH!! that really sucks for the owner..