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  1. They are trying to tell you something, no need for diveloops on type 8 risers..
  2. Check these numbers out, I'm still scratching my head...
  3. Possibly looking at putting a Speed reserve in my V304, if Im reading this right I can put a 150 in my container. This can't be right, are they measuring pack volume differently on that side? Anyone have experience putting one in a small Vector?
  4. It was some our renal gear and the person said they cutaway at 2k and sat in at 1700, I was just trying to confirm this.
  5. Is there any way to see what altitude and speed the unit fired at without sending it in? Thanks for any help.
  6. I've never seen black vectran, black hma is a different stroy.
  7. MEL made me a line set for my heatwave 150, they did a fantastic job. I think it was right around 300$
  8. No, they don't fly a porter. They just had there PAC-750 repossessed, not sure if they have anything now.
  9. Very interesting question... And a odd one for your first post.
  10. Whats the deal? It it a JVX now? Any downside or upside to this?
  11. Have any idea where I can find out if the PAC 750XL inflight door was approved with or without a parachute use requirement?
  12. Just trying to figure this out, looks like there are no rules on observers and the use of a parachute for them.
  13. Can anyone reference the FAR's or anywhere else the rules are listed for observers? Age requirement? Parachute requirement?
  14. It would absolutely work, I own a I-45 and have had a heatwave 150 in it with no problems. It might be somewhat loose if you are planning on using a well used 7cell F-111 canopy.
  15. Looking at getting a new digital, looking at the Viso2 and N3. Will be used mainly for swooping, pros? cons?
  16. Look what a simple search turned up....
  17. I have a 98' I44 and a 99' I32 and both of the PC are made by VSE.
  18. What do you think of the Alien line of suits?
  19. I had a Sabre 1 190 in my I44, it was somewhat tight but it worked. Also had a falcon 215 in it, but it was F111.
  20. does anyone have the link of the two guys flying headdown with the porter? I am looking for the video where they get a dock on the wingtip.
  21. sorry for bug. please use this link What is the name of the song at 11:20 in the video?