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  1. Also check that the right lines go to the right attachment point of the canopy. We got a canopy back and two of the AB lines we switched. Behaved okay in flight, but awful when you pulled the front risers. Also, the flare became a little weird. top Good advice, thanks Just hanging around
  2. Ok, I have just received the trim chart from Icarus, so I will try to compare them when I get a chance. Thanks for your inputs, guys Just hanging around
  3. Thanks a lot! This was not what's happened when I tried to stall my canopy. It just slowed down and jiggled a bit, continuing flying very slowly whilst fully inflated. I really have a hard time understanding my canopy Just hanging around
  4. Thanks for the info guys. First about front riser landings: I dont do any 180 and 360 front riser landings. What I used to do, is to do the last 90 degree angle with front risers and recovering at about 15-20 feet above the ground. What I've already tried, is to find the stalling point by pulling the brakes down slowly and holding the toggles on my tigh and counting untill I feel like if I am falling backwards. After counting to 15 (seconds) I release the brakes slowly and tried one more time with the steering lines one time around my hand. I then felt like falling backwards for a brief second after about 10 seconds. I dont know if that's any relevant, but i forgot to mention it in the first post. When it comes to the test mentioned by dragon, I will try that next time I'm in the air. I also will try to get someone to film my landings and try to figure out what I am doing wrong. About the 2-stage flare; i never heard about it, but I look forward to trying :) Just hanging around
  5. Hi all I've just been out jumping after having new lines installed on my Safire 2 169. I am not a very experienced canopy pilot, so there's a lot of things I am not quite sure about. Anyways, what happends is that when I try to use the front risers (while holding the toggles), the canopy starts wobbling and it feels like I'm in the middle of a hurricane. It seems as if the steering lines are too short and the canopy gets "dragged down at both ends". An experienced rigger noticed this from the ground when I was about to land, and I offered him to take my rig for a ride and decide how much the steering lines should be extended. But after a hard landing he was in limbo about what do to because there was no flare at all. As this is the only canopy I have flown since my student time, I though the lack of a proper flare was as it should, although I never really liked landing it. So, I really want to hear other peoples opinion about this behavior, and try to learn something new and hopefully get some advice about my strange line trims. By the way, the lines were ordered by myself at Para Concepts, and my canopy size and serial number was provided (i didnt know the exact date of manufactre, but it was early 2008 i think). The lines was fitted by a profesional shop for equipment and gear maintenance. Just hanging around
  6. bump. Anyone tried this yet? Just hanging around
  7. My first impression is that there is a somewhat smaller snag hazzard compared to that of gopro Just hanging around
  8. I searched the forums, and couldnt find any post about this cam, so here you go: Main specs: Shock resistant Waterproof to 20m/60feet 1,5" LCD screen (yahoo) Laser pointer (for showing where you're aiming) GPS plugin module (for speed, height etc) G-sensor (nice one for monitoring openings) 5MP camera Full HD 30FPS or 720p 60FPS Price: £ 250 / $ 400 Homepage: Webstore: Just hanging around
  9. Regarding the "is it blinking?"-question mentioned, I have seen guys with a small piece of mirror-tape on their altimeters using it to check the gopro. pretty neat idea actually Just hanging around
  10. I ordered some instruments and head gear at Chutingstar yesterday, and can also highly recommend Mike's customer service and prices. Best regards from Norway :) Just hanging around
  11. Isn't this where the GoPro HD comes into play and saves our neck? (pun intended) If you are using two of those, one might shoot video and the other can take a picture every third second. For most that should work Just hanging around
  12. /twinflower. three whole videos! (go pro HD on its way, so i suppose 2010 will add a few more) Just hanging around
  13. 155jumps, 1 cutaway yelds: 20745/16 = 1297/1 Just hanging around
  14. Fjellet skal nå ingen plass med det første :) (translated by paraninja: the mountain isn't going anywhere anytime soon) That's exactly what everyone said to me when I was starting talking about doing my first BASE-jump. And I settled with that and delayed it by a year or so. But noone thought about becoming a parent. Even though there's a lot of guys (which by the way i have aweful lot of respect for) with sons and daughters basejumping, I dont feel like *starting* basejumping when I got a son coming in a few months. Just hanging around
  15. This is like one hour from where I live :) Unfortunately, I just got news that I am having a son right before I was gonna start my BASE-jumping career, so I thought long and hard about it (ok, not that long) and decided to live to be a father rather than lying dead in some montain. (Ok, it wasen't very "unfortunate" at all, but I kind of regret that I didnt get my first jump:) Just hanging around