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  1. I switched to a Comp Velo a few months back from a regular velo and most of my jumps are terminal. I'm using 500 vectran with the removable slider (not the full RDS) The openings compared with the standard velo are incredible! By far the best opening canopy i've jumped. It opens quite a bit faster but 99% of the time perfectly on heading and no searching. Every now and again i get a pretty firm opening but nothing too bad. I'm not sure how much of the difference in openings is to do with the removable slider or a change in the design but i'd be interested to find out if someone has been using a standard slider? This is how 99% of my openings are http://youtu.be/OdiylMQaC-g
  2. Got the chance to follow out some CRW for the first time
  3. I will upload some of my own footage soon but here is some skydiving footage on a sunset jump from the camera http://vimeo.com/12623260
  4. Loving this camera so far! Super light and just so many little features which i prefer over the gopro, really nice image too. Also love the fact it looks a lot nicer with less chance of a snag.
  5. I've had the chance to try the SD version of this camera (X170) and it was awesome the only thing it was missing was video quality and now it's there with the HD version. I will be very suprised if this doesn't become more popular than the GoPro. It's got several useful features which i believe makes it better than the GoPro. - The Display so you can watch footage back on the camera - The ability to zoom in if the lens is too wide for you - A rotating lens so you can film upside down (ideal for head down) - Has a wireless remote to start/stop recording - I believe the shape makes it much better for top mounting as it can sit quite flush and less chance of snag. It also has the thread on the bottom for a screw. Having said that i havn't actually got my hands on the HD version yet but im sure i won't be dissapointed! If anyone has tried the HD version out in the air yet i would love to hear your opinions?
  6. for that error have a look here http://d3company.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=301
  7. http://www.4players.de/4players.php/download_start/PC-CDROM/Download/52148.html there is a direct link to the official release
  8. the game was discontinued so they released the source code and the game is available free from here http://base.game-host.org
  9. No this camera definitely can't do both at a quality for tandem. It's very good for just the video but the stills quality will not be good enough to sell but are great for facebook etc also you can only take about 10max a jump whilst shooting video.
  10. I don't know about any mounting devices that can do that on a vision but Tonfly have just released their new 3X helmet which does exactly this http://www.tonfly.com/3X_2213302.html
  11. Ive got 100 jumps now on my sabre2, 80% of the time it opens on heading and i am yet to have line twists with it apart from one half twist. However every jump i do get minor end cell closure but this is no problem after 1 pump of the breaks.
  12. Definitely have a look at Skydive Spain in Seville, they have a fantastic christmas boogie With Loads of organisers for freefly and wingsuit organisers too! Parties every night and its full of friendly people i was there by myself last year. http://www.skydivespain.com/
  13. hes working away in afghanistan at the moment beginning of february hes back next.