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  1. I have an alti 2 that i wear and i love, but jumping more and more with others, I think that it will be pretty useful having an alti. Everyone is always pushing more jumps, which i totally get... but i dont see how it could hurt to have an audible backup as well as my alti 2. Arent 2 heads better than one?
  2. what about a Skytronic GFX? A friend recommended that and it looks pretty good. Anybody use one?
  3. So I've pretty much got all of my own gear now except for an audible and a suit. I was wondering what you guys think is the best audible altimeter? Ive got a bonehead minwarp helmet with the extra space for it. And I use an alti 2 on my wrist. I appreciate your feedback! ...Oh and I definitely want it to log my jumps and track my speed!
  4. So i've almost got all of my own gear now that I got my rig! :-P I just need a suit (or two) and a helmet! My question is what do you guys recommend for these? I'm pretty sure I want an open face helmet and ive been looking at the bonehead. I figure I need an rw suit and one for freeflying. Im thinking the rw suit will be more practical right now because I can freefly without one. So what are the best suits and helmets?
  5. Mine has about 650 jumps I think, its a 2003. Everyone keeps telling me that I will be able to use it for a long time!
  6. So I finally got my own rig and im really excited about it! Its a javelin container with a pd reserve and a sabre canopy. Its got all the upgrades, tons of extra padding and i absolutely love it! I want to wear it around all the time, lol. I am really excited and just wanted to tell everyone! I jumped with it for the first time yesterday. It was pretty cloudy so I did a hop n pop and it flew great and was so comfy I could barely tell I was wearing it! ;-P What was your first rig like?
  7. I did a 5500ft hop n pop in AFF and I was terrified but it was really easy. Then I had to do a 3500ft hop n pop for my A license and although I was a little worried at first, it seemed like I was even higher than the 5500. I guess its because of experience but I loved it!
  8. I'm going to Missouri at the end of next month and found the closest dz in festus. Freefall express skydive. Was just wondering who's been there and how was your experience? It got 5 stars on
  9. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention, I want to freefly!
  10. I want my own rig! ...and im tired of renting gear :-) I have about 35 jumps, 5'8", 160lbs... i have only gone down to a 190 but want to downsize to a 170 right about now. I'm just looking for any suggestions, recommendations, etc... It will be greatly appreciated. :-D I know nothing.
  11. I had that game on my iphone and it kind of sucked but im going to check it out on pc.
  12. I agree that I wish you could do more than just track and turn but i have gone pretty high up into the sky and it is still fun to freefall for so long! And its fun too pull, do some tricks and cut away into a nice smooth little back flip. :-)
  13. I had to post something about this new video game that ive been playing called "Just Cause 2". I've got to tell you that this game has some AMAZING visuals and awesome skydiving simulation! (I dont know if thats proper grammar) Basically you are this guy joining up with gangs (kind of Grand Theft Auto style gameplay) but your on this island that is absolutely beautiful and you have unlimited parachutes hidden somewhere in your shirt. You can take any vehicle from a boeing, to a cessna, to all different types of helicopters, to cars and trucks and tanks, and the list goes on. You also have a grapple that will latch on to anything and while grappling, you can release your parachute and fly around the island. I didnt mention that you can always jump out of any aircraft that your flying a free fall for a few minutes... or just pull and cut away as you please. Get this game, if for the freefall, canopy time and stunning visuals alone. I have it on PC so the graphics tend to be better than a console, but theyre so good I cant imagine them being anything but stunning. Case in point... check it out! You will have a blast! Anyone who has played it... back me up here!