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  1. Hey guys, im just here to get some ideas on the best way to set up gates for a swoop demo on a lake???? i have wind blades but how can i hold them still and not float around?? its my first time doing anything like this so im sorry if this question annoys anyone. Thanks Nick
  2. Hey guys! Just letting people know about this because i was super stoked to get this deal. Apparently "Deepseed" (NZ) are dong a 50% off casual gear, i brought some pants for BASE as they are made of the same material as the jumpsuits. You use a promo code to get it (BTDWOJAN11) I got this through there newsletter and there always doing deals on things!
  3. You have two good choices. Taupo, but its insainley buisy an you may only get on one or two loads. (tandem factory) Matamata, (just above taupo) small DZ but Mark Horning owns it and he is awesome very nice to deal with and they actually do a bit of sport jumping Maybe Rotorua as well but i have never jumped there. Good luck.
  4. iv emailed them at the DZ but had no response does anyone know how i can get some info on the jumping in dubai? thanks Nick
  5. I have had shun splints on and off for about 5 years now, no idea why maybe my shins are just shit! however this is how you fix them or at least it helps a lot. equipment needed: 1 golf ball. 1 tube of deep heat. 6-18 beers (but that's just an every day thing) instructions: put deep heat on you shins and roll the golf ball up and down them while having a beer in front of the TV.
  6. As above elipticals are not the best, however i use a 119 crossfire. has very nice slow openings and have not yet had an issue (i'm sure i will soon though) its loaded at 1.68 Blues!
  7. any one got a couch to crash on for 4 nights in jan (dubai is soooo expensive) just stoping over on my way to NZ to jump. thanks Nick
  8. skyfiend

    Demo suits

    Yeah talk to Tomas at Skydive Able tasman! Motueka I think he has a couple. Other wise there is only people who might lend you one. Good luck
  9. Yeah i do but there is definitly more i can push into it but im a small dude, iv seen people flying the V loosening the arm off to go faster is this right?
  10. On my last flight in my pro-fly i had a extremely bad flight no idea why maybe because im shit anyway. so what im after is some specific advise on getting more forward speed out of this suit, Does anyone have any little tips for me??? Or any tips at all with this suit, i have around 40 jumps on it.
  11. Just to add something different, TONFLY! Nick
  12. Hey, thanks Ian i sent an Email a couple days ago. Nick