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  1. Nope. I refuse to encourage/enable the continued proliferation of xtranormal videos. ...cooooome on, you know you want to do it!
  2. Ok. Wait 45 seconds before pulling. Then do CRW?
  3. Sorry I'm a retarded CRW jumper. Please Help
  5. A BIG thanks to teams PH36 & CFUK, and PD & Karen B for organising and conducting a MEGA weekend. Lots of fun for everyone from CRW Intros, CF1 training and general CRW coaching for all. Good company and great training. Job well done everyone! Happy days, Andy PS. Rumars are afoot that this will become a regular (bimonthly) event
  6. Naaa, what you really need is flares! I wonder if Jim Bolton would be nuts enough to take some roman candles up, dock last on the bottom then light 'em up! I wouldn't mind firing the roman candles off the bottom, just tell me which canopies to point them at! top ...I LIKE CHRISTMAS TREE'S
  7. Hello, I found out today that sadly Gary Cullen, a good friend of mine and CRW Dog, was killed yesterday in Norway while attempting to ground launch because it was too windy to do a base jump. The boy just couldn't keep his feet stuck to the floor. Gary's profile is here: Gary was a top bloke. A few things struck me about Gary that made him standout. He had a crystal clear view on life and just went for it. He was enthusiastic about absolutely everything from his "prize winning sausages" to "CRW". Apart from teasing me about New Zealand's Sharks & Off landings as we flew over the sea to do CRW, he was a super nice guy. If anyone would like to send Tracy his partner a tender and supportive message then her profile is here: If you knew Gary, then on your next CRW jump as you exit the aircraft just picture his face for a split second and do the rest of the jump with him. "Hey Gary, while you're up there - look up Pat Hammond. The two of you will get on like a house on fire :0)" Best Regards and Blue Sky's, Andy PS. My apologies if you've seen a post similar on FB/google group CRW Dogs - but not everyone hangs out at the same place.
  8. Hey StefB 1. Of course! 2. Hey you're from Germany. You should definatley join us. You are only over the pond from the UK. Are you comming to the C++ convention in Berlin this August? Regards, Andy
  9. Hi, In the last week we have gained 130 new CRW Dogs - AWESOME Please come and join us everyone is more than welcome. Best regards Andy
  10. Check out Bill Clements video!!!
  11. Sorry chap but I don't follow. The group is called "CRW Dogs". Where is the "e"? Cheers Andy
  12. Hi, Please can you pass on this invitation to all CRW dogs. I've created this Face Book group just for CRW Dogs:!/group.php?gid=187049106071 Everyone is an administrator so anyone can organise and manage CRW events. It also has other useful features like “message the group”. Group info... If you want to organise a CRW event, find out about CRW events, talk to CRW dogs, ask CRW questions, watch CRW videos, see CRW pictures etc then you have come to the right place - WELCOME IN!!! Thanks, regards & blue skys, Andy
  13. ...and here is another awesome video at Sebastian courtesy of Mike.
  14. Hi, Is anyone jumping this weekend? Regards Andy
  15. Does anyone have one and make sense out of the Jump Master function? Cheers Andy
  16. Guy’s, any DZ on the planet will advise you to do a training course for very good reasons and totally I agree. We lost two jumpers on Sunday. They had thousands of CRW jumps and all the right gear. Read about it here:;page=unread#unread If you still want to go it alone then that’s your choice though I recommend you, at the least, do some reading, especially on how to deal with Wraps. If it goes wrong then it will happen extremely quickly so go as slow as possible to give yourselves the best chance of survival. Here is a link to a manual. Good luck. I respect your decision either way. Best Regards, Andy
  17. Ok lets knock it on the head here, 1. Agreed. I am a believer in education, proper equipment etc. This approach will safely “Grow” CRW for the “mainstream”. I too agree that the best thing for these guys is a proper course in an ideal world. That said if these guys are confident & competent enough to go it alone on nominal canopies then we should provide them with correct and precise technical guidance as requested accompanied with a large disclaimer and leave it to the DZ control to Police them. 2. I personally believe that skydiving should be an adventure and not just some plastic replica like a Tandem. FYI An adventure is an activity that comprises risky, dangerous or uncertain experiences. The term is more popularly used in reference to physical activities that have some potential for danger, such as skydiving, mountain climbing, and extreme sports. In my opinion, if the risk is diluted to 0% alchohol through thorough training, proper equipment, perfect weather conditions, conservative decision making etc, etc then the activity for me ceases to be adventurios and therfore golf may become more exciting. 3. Outside the comfort zone my arse! BASE Jumping is more popular than CRW. The reason CRW is on the decline is because its not perceived as being cool and nobody does it anymore. It’s easier to find a “Mentor” and get into BASE then CRW. 4. Sebcat – I was just taking the P. Don’t take it personally. LOVE YOU ALL, Andy
  18. Yeah, safety's a real obstacle. It's better to ignore it. But then again, what do I know: :) You could start out with less-than-optimal gear and no training, but people have died because of bridle entanglements, use of improper gear and improper actions during entanglements. People used to do BASE jumps with modified skydiving equipment too, that doesn't mean it's recommended today. Oh My Oh My, Seb are you practicing CRW with NO GLOVES. I say that is irresponsible isn’t it!!! HAHAH Kettle calling pot, check colour please ;0))
  19. ...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH !!! a) Agreed that Rope was used then simply cos that's what was used. That said, I bet if Micro Line was in vouge then they would of used that without thinking twice. For CRW why don't we use Dacron 600. That would be even safer! b) Leathers no good? What about Denim, Cordura, Chainmail or even Extra safe condoms? c) Apart from over the back rotations then you shouldn't be near a trailing PC, unless of course the pilot is low when trying to top dock. Hey the "Wild guys" coped with them! d) Reading is better than making it up yourself thru trial & error which is what they are doing. In conclusion, in an ideal world these guys would go on a camp and I'm chuffed to see the enthusiasm and a real "can do attitude". What annoys me is on the one hand seeing a decline in CRW and on the other hand, all the experienced guys putting obstacles in the way of the new guys and not providing enough of the support they need. Regards Andy
  20. Hi, are there any CRW dogs out there that want to jump at Cirencester (just outside Swindon) this weekend either on Sat or Sun depending on weather? I've got 2 Lightning’s (176+190), 40 CRW Jumps, weigh 95kg. My phone number is 01453 791 238. Any takers? Andy PS. I'll jump with anyone - I ain't fussy
  21. Is that the best chat up line you could come up with? Have fun dude & look forward to jumping with you again back in the UK. Best regards Andy
  22. At the risk of getting shot down in flames and being publicly humiliated.... a. "The Wild guys" that originally started CRW probably didn't have CRW specific kit, the first BASE jumpers probably didn't have BASE specific kit and the first FS guys created a sport based on breaking the rules. Are we today so over cautious that we have forgotten how to have fun on the edge? b. I see and hear of so many people in the same situation and CRW needs young blood. Can't we either rewrite the rulebook or provide some common sense guidelines like… 1. Micro line can really hurt so wear some really thick cloths like Motorcycle leathers and leather Motorcycle gloves. 2. Watch out for trailing Pilot chutes. 3. Read up on CRW documentation, in particular how to deal with Wraps. 4. End your fun & games at a comfortable height like 3000' 5. Carry extra knives 6. Good luck you crazy kids. Just my thoughts, Andy
  23. Just tested mine too. Seems to be working fine now. Thanks & regards Andy
  24. Hi, I can not recieve email but I can send email. Is anyone else having this problem? Below is a copy of the rejection message. Regards Andy failure notice‏ From: [email protected] Sent: Wed 8/12/09 11:09 AM To: [email protected] Hi. This is the qmail-send program at'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. :Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. --- Below this line is a copy of the message. Return-Path: Received: (qmail 11472 invoked from network); 12 Aug 2009 18:09:54 -0000X-AntiVirus: CleanReceived: from unknown (HELO ( with SMTP; 12 Aug 2009 18:09:54 -0000Received: from BLU110-W13 ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.3959);Wed, 12 Aug 2009 11:09:54 -0700Message-ID: Return-Path: [email protected]: multipart/alternative;boundary="_dd958ac9-57bd-47f1-bb5a-d6f1b3590865_"X-Originating-IP: []From: Caroline Turner To: Subject: RE: boomDate: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 11:09:54 -0700Importance: NormalIn-Reply-To: References: MIME-Version: 1.0X-OriginalArrivalTime: 12 Aug 2009 18:09:54.0508 (UTC) FILETIME=[17EF88C0:01CA1B78] --_dd958ac9-57bd-47f1-bb5a-d6f1b3590865_Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable ping=20 Date: Wed=2C 12 Aug 2009 11:09:15 -0700From: [email protected]: boomTo: [email protected] boom