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  1. I have used a tracking suit in the tunnel, so I could fly with a friend who was much lighter than me - it was funny, it did what I wanted, but I probably wouldn't do it again, it was quite an uncomfortable way to fly. memento vivere, memento mori
  2. Hey, just looking through the info for Airkix on the new 'Indoor' section and see the phone number for MCR is outdated and there's no e-mail. The Manchester number is 0161 359 3867 (Reception) or 0845 331 6549 (Switchboard) Best e-mail to use is [email protected] for all 3 locations, that goes through to the customer service team. The contact E-Mails you have for MK and BAS are not airkix e-mails at all. Also walk in bookings are welcome at all three locations if there is space. memento vivere, memento mori
  3. Here's a link to the raw video *edit to make link clicky memento vivere, memento mori
  4. Brian was a good guy, he was always at the DZ come rain or shine, he gave me so much good advice on the many bad weather days before my first jump. He tirelessly answered my random questions, and went through the exit and reserve drills with me countless times. I don't think I would have progressed through RAPS as quickly as I did without his help, I certainly wouldn't have laughed so much! That was nearly 4 years ago now, after almost a year away from jumping, I turned up at Langer a few months ago and the first person to greet me was Brian, I think we spent most of that day catching up on what had happened in the past year for us both. It was a good day. I am so sorry for your loss Carol. memento vivere, memento mori
  5. I'm still stringing him along - obviously a scam but I like wasting their time. memento vivere, memento mori
  6. I learned to skydive here on a static line course through Uni, spend lots of time not jumping due to winds but always felt welcome and though I didn't know anyone I was never short of someone to talk to.As I progressed there was always plenty of people on hand with advice and support,though I have been away from the sport for 6 months or so I felt as welcome when I returned as I did when I started. The bunkhouse is basic but it does the job and is warm even in the depths of winter, the cafe sells a limited range of food (main complaint is lack of veggie/healthy food!) but does fantastic full breakfasts which really set you up for a days jumping. The plane is fantastic, and they are happy to put up a half full lift rather than waiting for it to be full like some places, communication is good and there are a lot of people there who will go out of their way to help. All in all a great place to jump!