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  1. My name is Caro Laithwaite and my husband Brian died in a double fatality with Emma Bramley at Langar Skydiiving UK in June 2010. It is thanks to skydivers who l have come to call friends who are friends of Brian’s that l have moved on with my life and l know Brian is still with me helping me. However l want to do something for the sport, l have started a secret group on facebook called the “Fall Inn” this is for spouses and partners of those who have lost their lives skydiving or base jumping. All too often these family members are not jumpers and do not understand why their partners enjoyed the sport and when they try and discuss it with outsiders they get comments about how dangerous it was what was to be expected but death or serious injury, how could they and many more comments. The idea of this group is not to confine it to non jumpers but also partners who were or are skydivers and base jumpers who have lost their partners and also have issues they would like to discuss but feel unable to or not sure how to, often feeling they need to put on an act. The Fall Inn is to be a place to help us move on with our lives, understand the feelings that were had for skydiving/base jumping and with the support of those who have been in the same dark place and are climbing out and reaching out a helping hand to each other. Please pass the word worldwide to spouses and partners if you know anyone if they look for my admin name on facebook Caro Laithwaite send me a message with their and their partners details and l will be pleased to join them, once joined l will take them off my CL name it is just a way to join people. Sorry this will not be open to other family members but l feel that l can best help just partners & spouses. I am away a lot and do not always have access to computers so may take a week or so to join you so please bear with me. Caro Laithwaite (Many thanks SkyMama for permission to post this) Brian Laithwaite RIP 4/6/10 You are my rock and my love for eternity. I lost an Angel & God gained an Angel.
  2. I am trying to trace a Collum Cantillon. He is originally from Ireland but lived in Zimbabwe many years ago and jumped at Harare Skydiving. He moved to UK and continued jumping but he could be anywhere. If anyone knows him please could you ask him to contact me. Patrick wants to get in touch and Robb would like to say hi. I can be reached through here. I appreciate any help it is not nasty news just one distant relative and one old friend & relatives brother in law who jumped with him in zim who want to get in touch. They are friends of mine so l said l would see what l could do. Many thanks :-) Brian Laithwaite RIP 4/6/10 You are my rock and my love for eternity. I lost an Angel & God gained an Angel.
  3. In memory of my husband Brian Laithwaite. He jumped for over 30years in the UK and was CCI at 2 centres many years ago. Brian died yesterday 4/6/10 in a terrible accident at BPS Langer UK. My heart goes out to the other family. Brian l love you so much l always will you are my life and my rock thank you for being you 2/4/45 - 4/6/2010 65years old and my husband for 24years You were always smiling and laughing full of bad jokes never swore and if you did said sorry. You dedicated your life to helping others and everyone loved you. I lost my Angel and God gained an Angel Brian Laithwaite RIP 4/6/10 You are my rock and my love for eternity. I lost an Angel & God gained an Angel.