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  1. I'm so happy Iran's Supreme Leader has assured us they have no intentions of producing a nuclear weapon. In fact, he has assured us it's against his religion. Doesn't this just brighten your day?
  2. This is what I love about all the ADHD addled liberals on this page. Carry on.
  3. I see. Even I was hoping it was just a typo. No, that's how he referred to her in a 60 Minutes interview.
  4. I don't recall GWB going into a war zone and claiming he was shot at, or exaggerating what actually happened.
  5. Umm, lets see. Hillary lies about a war place incident and becomes Secretary of States. John Kerry lies about his war experience and becomes Secretary of States. I'd say there is a good chance Brian Williams will be our next Secretary of States.
  6. I wonder how many he has killed as "collateral damage". Just think about all those innocent peace loving Muslims who have died. No wonder they hate us.
  7. Which particular states? Since that was a statement from Obama, in praise of Hillary, we can only assume he meant the 57 States.
  8. This now qualifies him to become Secretary of States.
  9. Perhaps you aren't understanding something...there's only two people on this forum that agrees wholeheartedly with you. Jack and shit and jack just left town. Please go away because I'm tired of watching you embarass yourself by getting verbally assraped over and over again. Its humiliating...for you. Enjoy this video because the 2nd amendment and gun ownership in the USA isnt going away anytime soon. Well, there goes the argument that a guns only purpose is to kill.
  10. So what is the percentage breakdown white/black/other for the police force and DAs office? You think it's going to be loaded towards blacks? You are absolutely ridiculous in your thinking if you think that somehow racial parity equates to the level of racism. Or even the number of incidents or racism. By your thinking, once more blacks are in authority positions, racism against whites will escalate. Of course, unless you also believe blacks are not capable of being racists.
  11. They also forget that some of the worst cities in the U.S for crime have a black Mayor, black Police Chief etc. Yet we are to believe they only hire racist white Cops. I guess most of these are the same ones who were arguing recently that only the Police should have guns.
  12. Lots of people talking out of their asses. Trying to add in people in prison for drugs as a way to dilute the realities.
  13. How about the last time a white person shot up a school or movie theater? Where was the outrage from the white community? I was pretty outraged. Weren't you? Of course, I didn't run around screaming it had anything to do with race.
  14. I agree, too. The last time white people rioted, I didn't feel the need to say anything.