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  1. I sincerely apologize for the mix up . BUT, the term 'clearly outclassing' the intermediate class couldn't be further from the truth. We averaged 13.1, and if you look at the past few years of intermediate scores, we're towards the bottom end of the gold winning group... On top of that, not a single person on our team had ever competed in US Nationals prior to our 2009 meet. You must be crazy to think we should have chosen to fly Advanced class at our first time ever competing nationally. We knew our skill level full well. We had been averaging in training right about what we averaged in 2009, and like I said before, that average very often would not have won. If we had an average prior to Intermediate competition that was 5pts higher than the 10 previous winners, yes we would have competed higher. But not getting higher than a 14avg in training (judged by ourselves mind you), is by no means ground for moving to a higher class. The piece of your rebuttal that bothers me most, however, is this assumption of Virginia Tech funding the team. Every single jump, every single second in the tunnel, every minute of coaching, every thread that composed our rigs and team suits were all paid from the pockets of us 4 college students. Striving to make ends meet, working multiple jobs over the summer, and packing 5 people in one car and driving 3 hours each way to stay in tents at the dropzone don't really sound like a well funded team. We had very few training jumps and tunnel time together, and that medal was earned on the ground. We built a mock-up of the otter at our house in Blacksburg, and several nights a week we would engineer a 10rd draw, as if competition were the next morning. We would practice exits all through the week, we would walk dives on our own time, visual the formations, and just immerse ourselves as deeply as we could in 4way with our tiny budget that restricted us from the air so much. I knew exactly what our average would be going into Intermediate Nats 2009. Do some research before you start pointing fingers... please. I knew my skill level very well, I knew my teammate's skill levels, and I knew our team's skill level- and that was a skill level that in most of the previous years was not sufficient enough to carry home a gold. So please, believe it. Once again, I don't mean to come off aggressive. But please do some research first. Where in the world did you ever hear that we were funded from the school, or funded from anybody? That is just insulting to try and blame our success on someone else's checkbook. Truly a slap to the face. My 3 best friends and I earned that medal through extremely hard work, the deepest most sincere desire to succeed, and a huge long struggle to make ends meet to fund the relatively thin training plan. Point your finger towards the other college teams which actually are funded. Look at their jump numbers. Look at their tunnel time. Look at their coaching staff. Look at their budget from the school. And finally, look at the scores. Then you tell me who earned it. Tell me which team wanted it. Bwilling- Sorry again to get to you last on each of my posts haha... but I would love to see those pictures... I'll happily send some good material back your way to wave in his face as well . http://www.turboskydiving.com
  2. ...and with that 23.0 average did you go on to the intermediate level at nationals just so you could easily get a gold medal with no competition? Let me bring you up to speed big guy- 1) October 2009 Nationals Intermediate- 13.1avg (AA Draw). 2) December 2009 Collegiate Nationals Open - 23.0avg (A Draw), 3) September 2010 Nationals Advanced- 14.5avg (AAA Draw) So to answer your question, no. Absolutely not. The team entered the Int. Nats expecting nothing... it'd take one hell of a character to expect a victory in his first Nats appearance with just over 200 jumps, 10 tunnel hours, just barely 20 years old, and 15 months in the sport.... someone like that wouldn't find teammates . I know it's not a huge deal, but I'll give you a brief background of this team just to clear up any arguments
  3. Hey Bwilling... I'd be careful with your words as "baby killing"... i had about 250 jumps when we averaged a 23.0 at collegiates in 2009 . http://www.turboskydiving.com
  4. Anyone have any of the previous IPC 4way dive pools? Im curious to see how it's changed over the years... http://www.turboskydiving.com
  5. wooooooooooo carolinafestttttttttt http://www.turboskydiving.com
  6. heres an idea. have a fundraiser flag jump in ohio. maybe from a helocopter? http://www.turboskydiving.com
  7. Jcoff89

    Pit Special

    is this strictly a comp suit or is it a casual RW suit you also may use in 4way comps? http://www.turboskydiving.com
  8. yea i got one too. i just asked him to tell me what exactly my item was and he could have it for free..... no response. oh well, his loss. http://www.turboskydiving.com
  9. Jcoff89

    RW suit

    bev makes a great casual RW suit. high level competition demands a tony... I have flown a lot with both suits and love them both, for different reasons of course. http://www.turboskydiving.com
  10. i bought a brand new odyssey/cypres2/pd canopies when i was still 16 years old before i had ever jumped. 2 years later i started using it in aff. true story. actually no i lied. that never happened. i ordered new gear at about 80-90 jumps though. http://www.turboskydiving.com
  11. well see..... i like canopies that have a 2 in the name. like a sabre2, crossfire2, jvx, ya know? http://www.turboskydiving.com
  12. everyone battle to the death with pros and cons. I've been leaning towards sabre2 but i dont know enough about safire2 to rule it out yet. (it would be 170/169 @ WL ~1.35). ok go. battle. http://www.turboskydiving.com
  13. Jcoff89


    once you get through the first 13, im sayin you slot switch inside and point, and slot switch outside with video. then once you get through the next 13, everyone go head down and pull by 3000'. let me know if you have any questions about this idea... http://www.turboskydiving.com
  14. coach wenger, has there been any progress or any updates on this situation with the BOD? its gone quiet for the past couple days... http://www.turboskydiving.com