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  1. Well what a load of old crap, it's not even got the correct picture!! I'm pretty sure that's the World Team 400 way....
  2. I now know what it's like to be stalked....
  3. My premature happened in the door of a Porter, I appeared to knock the pin as I turned to get out of the door, and all my coach could see was the bridle come out from behind me.... Started shaking me like a looney to try and get me off, but I didn't have a clue what was going on, so sat back down in the plane. Then I saw the lines flying out the door and decided that it would maybe be a good time to follow them. The video is fantastic as you get the looks on all the TI's faces, and see my canopy deploy my pilot chute beautifully and then me drifting off backwards into the distance. I only landed 4k away!! The uppers were a bit swift...
  4. I'm just lazy too.... Too much paperwork and briefings for my liking. I thought jumping was meant to be fun!!! Still, I've only got 23 jumps left to go until I can jump camera here, and then I reckon I'll be shifting myself for my B so I can get my C pretty sharpish.....
  5. I had exactly the same problem at level 5. Retook it 5 times, and was close to giving up.... Until a certain Spanish man called Hispano at Lillo came over to me after watching one of my debriefs and said "my friend, just think stick your cock out" and from then on, with a bit of relaxing as well I sailed through 5, 6 and 7. Told the same thing to a friend of mine when she was doing AFF and having trouble arching, and although she didn't have the necessary bodily parts, it made her laugh when she thought about it in freefall which both relaxed her and made her arch!
  6. It doesn't look quite as shiny and new as that now, as I have had a few, errr, "interesting" landings.... But it's still shaping up pretty well!
  7. Oooh, go on then, I'll have a piece of this Icon piccy fun! I love mine very much!
  8. I was hoping that it would be a while in my skydiving career before I had to start a thread like this on here, but feel that I need to as nobody else has yet. I know that it has literally only been a few hours since the incident took place, but have to send out condolences to the families of Germano and the pilot Jesus. Although I did not Germano personally, and the only time I really attempted to speak to Jesus was after a malfunction when I was exiting the Porter, I feel like I know them just because they were at Lillo which is a dropzone very close to my heart as it's where I completed my AFF and FS1. I hope that the Lillo family can get over this in time, and that all the injured jumpers heal fast. A very sad day for me. BSBD.
  9. Hi people! Me and a few mates are thinking of having a week in Europe jumping, and have been looking at the DZ in the Algarve, there's only two reviews in the dropzone section, and they're a bit non-commital. Would anyone who's been recently be able to let me know what kind of experience they had there? Cheers!
  10. I have to admit, I found that absolutely disgusting.
  11. Wow, reading the reviews from last year was like someone criticising me! Things must have really changed as I thought the place was absolutely fantastic. I took my AFF level 1 in Chatteris on the 16th of December, and as I didn't want to be at home for Christmas I decided that I would take a little trip over there. I will honestly say that I have never felt so welcome in a place in my life, and compared to the dusty crappy freezing cold AFF room at Chatteris, their school rooms are lovely! A/C and heating, computers set up to do their e-logbooks after each jump, just a proper set-up teaching room. The instructors are top-notch too, at one point I stalled on level 5 for quite a while, all my fault though, and I would have got peeved off at me a long time before that, but they stuck by me and I finally managed to get it! Huge grin from Rory my instructor as he was filming me being completely stable for the first time, a great feeling... The bar has just reopened, after some legal ranglings have been going on, so that was good, the pool is empty at the mo, but seeing as it doesn't get over about 15 degrees celcius at the moment, who wants a swim anyway! With respect to refunds, I didn't really have any worries, as if I didn't jump my tickets I'd be back quite soon anyway, as I loved it. Even on Christmas Eve they had a little (well, not that little) knees up in the bar for all the people who were away from their families at Christmas, would you get that sort of thought from other DZ's? I doubt it... I managed to fit in a ground school refresher, 11 AFF jumps, and 15 solos in the space of Monday to Sunday, although the last 15 were done in the last 3 days, including a glorious sunset load. Just beautiful. And the student area has such a nice softness that it doesn't matter how you land, which is good as my flaring accuracy leaves a little to be desired sometimes, I have had some funky landings I can tell you, but I've always walked away! The only bad thing I can say about it is the gear rental does bump the price of a jump ticket quite high, but if you've got your own kit then there's not to worry about! Can't wait to go back, even looking at Easyjet prices for the start of Feb! Just try the place, and if you think it sucks then go to Ocana. There's word about that they'll be opening a subsidiary DZ in Portugal soon as well, so I may have a wander over there too, but not until I get another couple of days jumping in Lillo first! Thanks to all, Marcus, Kathi, Rory, Jason, Vinni, Mikey, Rory, Joachim, Danny, Ianoa, Edu and all the pilots, packers and people who I never found out their names, but know their faces! Can't wait to see you all again.