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  1. I've lengthened the bridle to be more wingsuit-friendly but I don't remember how long it is now. And I fly a Birdman S3.
  2. I used a monkeyfist but last year i had to use my reserve after a jump where the pilotchute got knots on it. The picture included shows one of the two knots. The other knot tied the fabric of the pc together so it didn't have any pull what so ever. Now I use a "training" golfball as handle instead. It is light but yet easy to grip... and easy to attach. http://thumb.shutterstock.com/photos4/display_pic_with_logo/58555/58555,1146853530,5.jpg
  3. Last weekend the annual skydiving filmfestival in Stockolm was held. This is the film I entered with. Some of you might recognize that it is kind of similar to another film. But i strongly resent any accusations of plagiarism .. and it has some wingsuiting in it too.. not much but maybe enough to get to post it here ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTog9YwF8jg
  4. Congrats on the 1000th Jarno!
  5. The guy I borrowed the suit from told me to think "I'm not afraid I can fly" before I jumped.. that was about it
  6. Here you can see a picture of his new face.. but it aint pretty. So if your're squeamish don't look! http://expressen.se/index.jsp?a=565584
  7. found this translation.. http://video.feber.se/2006/03/unge_utan_tlamo.html
  8. FeetFlyer

    ICQ users

    Me an all my friends use ICQ.. I guess change comes slow up here in the north
  9. In a dream I had a couple of years ago I made a freeflyjump, landed on a blimp. Then I changed to a baserig. It must have been a baserig 'cause the blimp was just about a 300ft in the air. After a very short canopyride I landed... right outside where my grandmother lives. And then I woke up
  10. When I went home from training yesterday, I saw polarbears roaming the streets and a whole bunch of old people with their tounges stuck to a lamppost... It is CRAZYcold here!
  11. I like makak I like to play with makak Sometimes I let girls play with makak
  12. http://geneeverette.com/fark/airforce.jpg Interesting design.. and model
  13. It's great! I've been training thaiboxing for seven years and Goshindo (combination of jujutsu, thaibox and wrestling) for three years. I especially enjoy the submission wrestlingpart because it is so versatile. There are so many ways to get to the armbar or chokehold you're looking for.. It's like being part of a human everchanging puzzle.
  14. I am very soon going to be the owner of this KTM 640 Supermoto...
  15. I just got hit with an elbow in my eye. My right eyebrow is pretty swollen and I just know that within a day or two I'll look like a transvestite who has tried to put on eyeshadow for the first time... but, nonetheless it was a good trainingsession.. that's kind of wierd