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  1. Just put in for time off work... If that falls through I feel a cold catching for that weekend _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  2. I know this is a long shot but I believe that on the packing matt in the main hanger I may have left a sd card from my GoPro It had the pitts and a heli jump on it so if anyone happened to find a card at the boogie and it's got those vids on it please let me know! Other than that kick ass boogie! _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  3. I'm in dudes! And I agree... No rush on the logos dude, take a break & have a beer! D.S. #111 _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  4. You could always fly into Jacksonville International Airport or Gainesville Regional Airport Those would each provide about 1-1.5hr drive: Directions from JAX to Palatka Directions from GNV to Palatka I don't know my work times quite yet but I may be able to provide transport for some ppl from Gainesville if needed... _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  5. This was a hard decision dude! _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  6. Nice designs dude! _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  7. In my (limited) experience the mantis position serves well as a transitional position when taking grips, etc. _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  8. Manifest for the next load that you are getting on when you land.....duh Nice! _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  9. I'd have to say Jump # 1... I was lucky enough to pick a DZ with good vibes and had 3 great instructors (one on vid) for my first jump all packed in bs'ing for 20mins or so in a small Cessna... Between the fun vibes before the jump, the jump itself (duh), and the beer at the end of the day it was a no brainer the following Sunday morning ;) I think allot of times people can under estimate just what type of impact fun jumpers and instructors alike have on the overall feel of a dz for new students. I can honestly say without the fun vibes I would have never stayed past the 2-3rd jump.... _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  10. Dudeist Skydiver #111 reporting in with the beverages! _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  11. I had issues to the point of bleeding out in my ears after two jumps one day. Put me out of the sport for over 4 months waiting for the blood in my ears to be sort itself out. I was lucky enough to have worked for an ENT doc for about 5yrs and he basically said the longer I jump, or force my ears to clear, then there is some degree where it gets easier for them to handle the pressure and clear. With that said though the only thing that keeps me going now is while under free fall i make it a habit to try and clear my ears. It is possible to do this without pinching your nose but some methods do take some practice. Forgive me if it's already been suggested but I'd try a nasal decongestant at the beginning of a jump day (don't over use though) and not only clearing your ears on the way up but also on the way down and the whole way down. Not just after opening. By the time you open you've gone quite a distance. _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  12. I remember AFF1 I was annoyed because I couldn't get Yellow Submarine outta my head... :) _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  13. Weather Clicky _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  14. One thing to think about is how much ram you buy on a pre-built pc. Almost all companies out there will over charge for 4GB ram. Many times you can save money by customizing the pc to ship with 1GB and simply goto newegg, etc, and buy 4GB from them and stick the suckers in when the pc arrives. Example: I just purchased a custom Alienware laptop and to have 4GB shipped with the pc they wanted to add $350 extra! I just got 4GB from newegg at $80 and it was 4-4-4-12 timing to boot! _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123
  15. This thread won't die that's for sure! I know this jumper in person and it should be noted that he does not have "old", "misleading", or (especially) "incorrect" information in his profile on purpose. Likewise he is a very safety focused jumper. There are many people here that don't hold the mentality that you should judge a poster off their profile #'s. While I agree the #'s can help, when accurate, for some questions. I do agree they aren't needed for this one. When I read the first post I got out of it that even the most experienced jumper in the world could have made this mistake... It just goes to show that at times our everyday tasks can go into an "auto drive mode" and we should take a second and do things like it was your 5th jump, scared as hell, checking all your equip 5xOver Having had a similar mal before as well, (I caught mine in air thankfully) I'm now religious in the plane about checking my &*%^... Note: Any opinions/views posted by me are by me alone! I will speak about a person but not for one and put words in their mouth... unless told to do so! _________________________ {S}{H}{O}{R}{T}{B}{U}{S} \__ ------------------------| |-----| =--{O}------------------{O}---] D.S.#111 VSCR # 123