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  1. Hi guys For someone interested in starting flying with camera, what camera do you guys recomend? What is the best modern camera, smallest, best Million pixel camera out there at the moment? Thanks in advance
  2. I'm very interested in your reply.. I don't understand... what full face helmet do you use? Thanks Dave
  3. Thanks Voilsb the video link was interesting
  4. Hi Does anybody really knows how to combat ear pressure? I have been jumping for 5 years; I only can do one jump a day every time I go to any dropzone, The plane ride to altitude it’s ok, the problem is the moment I open the canopy, it’s the transition from terminal speed to zero, that’s when It attacks. Before I tried to jump twice in one day and I was screaming under canopy with pain. I tried nasal decongestants, swallowing, yawning or chewing a gum or candy is not working as well, I tried 2 kinds of ear plugs and also did not work. I think I tried everything but maybe someone out there knows any good trick/solution . Please let me know.