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  1. Tell a Little about the malfunction and the reserve ride... Did you stand up the landing?

    Mine was on jump 20. It was the first jump on my first (and only) rig that I had bought used. I had a brake come unstowed on opening and on that side 1/3 the canopy did not inflate. :o Being a brand spanking new jumper I fooled with trying to fix it a few times and then cutaway. [:/] After a perfect butt slide landing :$ I spent the rest of the day trying to get my canopy out of a tree.>:( I now believe I could have fixed the malfunction, but after no response on the third by piece -o- junk, see you on the ground.:D

  2. Quote

    Oh can you please post some good photos and at good size of your rig for me please?

    Sure thing stratostar;)

    Hope these are what you wanted...Damn do these pictures make me look fat?:D:D:D

  3. Like an acrobatic airplane, in order to get more performance (faster turn rates...ect) you usually have to give up stability. In other words the more stable a wing is , the more input it takes to get it to respond. So a less stable canopy is more responsive to small inputs and reacts faster. With a big stable student rig shifting your weight in the harness will have little result but with an advanced heavily loaded chute the result can be much greater.
    So if something other than normal happens in a high performance chute it will be harder to control and you'd have less time to try.
    The important part is to not get into a chute that is a higher performance canopy than you can handle at your skill level if and when something "other than normal" happens while you are flying it.:)I hope that answered your question hongkonglunaB|

  4. Thanks c-24 for the info:)I am quite sure I am getting a new rig as soon as i can. It is just that I'm a fat s.o.b. right now, I don't want to get new gear until I have reached my fighting weight;)
    That may mean I don't jump for a while but I am down 17lbs in three weeks:)
    I may just jump rental gear until I am ready to get a new rig.

    BTW- What is a blast handle

  5. I saw a video at of some people who opened their chutes and ran down a slope to get into the air.

    I am guessing it would be bad though to put a regular chute under tow. I would think the shape and how the air moves through would need to be different for powered flight.

    If you have a really fast boat You might get away with flying a wing suit from a tow rope. Then when you get high enough just let go of the rope and pop your chute.;) (that's a joke, but don't let Jeb C read this):D

  6. saw a video once where two jumpers were hanging on the wings of a jump plane not much bigger. It never got off the ground it said.:S

  7. A "good catch" is someone who "fits" with your personality. Someone who's being meshes with your being like a zipper when closed. They will compliment all you are and be your best friend... Looks, sex, and job all become side issues when you have "caught" the right one. I know because I caught the right one 15 years ago and every day I understand how she completes me and it makes me very happy.:)Just do not think that marriage or children will improve an iffy relationship. Those things and time will only make the iffy parts bigger and harder to deal with. You are worth the time it takes looking for the right catch and expect that person to treat you with the respect you give to them.;)

  8. Take it from a country boy from North Carolina (tick capitol of America) I have had hundreds of ticks and pulled them all out with not much trouble. But the hot match should work if you want to try it... just don't kill him before he backs out.

    If you are going to be in a tick prone area (tall weeds and grass) a pinch of sulphur powder (also called sulphur flour) in each sock will keep all ticks and chiggers (aka redbugs) off. The sulphur powder my not be available any more though... I use to buy it from the pharmacy... it is 100% effective though:)

  9. Cool!! :o I knew it looked weird the one time i used it (my 20th jump) but now I know why. I did like the way it flew, it was faster than my xl-cloud. I don't think I'll jump it until i lose some weight...i'd put about 1.77 wing load on it now:$
    Any how thanks for the info:)