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  1. I am planning to return to jumping after a 12 year layoff...:( I will jump with student gear and an AFFI until cleared by the instructor.

    My rig is an RTS with a Safety Star reserve both made in 1982, the main is an Xl-cloud.
    The Xl-cloud is 260sqft but I want to know what the sqft of a Safety Star is.
    Is there anything I need to do, before i jump it, other than give it to a rigger for a I&P?

  2. Quote

    if he asked me to choose between him and skydiving, the choice would be simple: I would choose him. I love him more than any weekend activity. And while it may not be fair for him to make me choose, I can envision a lot of situations which would make it reasonable for him to ask me to stop.

    I Agree...and I did 12 years ago

  3. congrats M. on your first solo. Just remember you may experience withdraw symptoms if you wait more than two weeks between jumps;)

    fyi I think your "first" jump is exempt but any and all other "firsts" will require you to buy the dz a case of beer:P

  4. This is not an argument I really think should have been... All new jumpers should listen to your instructors!

    I do not have the experience to advise anyone on doing anything other than what is standard safe jumping! I was not suggesting any deviation from safe jumping, just telling what I thought I remembered from 12 years ago.

  5. FIRST of all-I do not pretend to be anything other than a beginning jumper 101 jumps is all I have (it is right next to my name), and I have not jumped in 12 years.... :(
    I was only saying that with with the speed of the plane on a 1-2 second delay I was horizontal to the ground and looking up at the 182 as it flew away while the chute was opening. I did not look at my altimeter but I would would be surprised if I was below 925ft after it was open.
    FYI- AAD's were kinda new and no one other than the student rigs had them, so I don't know what will make them fire or not...Didn't have to worry about that.
    Now I may be FAT, OLD, FORGETFUL, and UGLY but I am NOT FULL OF SH*T! ;)

  6. My .02 worth. If you have any doubt, See if they will let you put a demo chute in the student rig... You can demo a size that feels safe to you.

    FYI- My first big transition was on my 20th jump. It was my first jump on a used rig i had purchased. I had been flying a 260ft student rig with a load of about .96 until then. I had a malfunction and ended up under a reserve with a load around 1.2 and I LOVED IT. Didn't stand up the landing but it was not hard to make the change.

  7. we would do a hop and pop if we could get over 1k when the weather moved in. The speed of the plane is more than enough to open the main very quickly. over 1k gives you time to be open cut away if needed and on just don't spend time trying to fix the main if it is not working.

  8. Quote

    Often times, some are so eager to condemn the actions of comrades significant others after receiving details from one side of the fence concerning one or two issues. There are so many varying intricate details when it comes to a relationship to be able to make judgment calls from small tidbits of information. It is easy to jump quickly in making statements/judgments concerning someone’s significant other without living the whole story. It is important to accept the choices our peers make that create contentedness and to encourage them to do whatever it is that makes them happy while remaining within the boundaries of their own personal value systems.

    For some, splitting is the answer, for some it is finding balance and for some making sacrifices and not participating in certain activities, there is no one size fits all answer as we are all different in the way we decide to live our lives and conduct ourselves in personal relationships.

    I believe that it is important to not make any hasty decisions in life, especially ones that can have a tremendous impact that we may regret for an extended period of time.

    Amen Brother!B| I knew I liked your style.

  9. Quote

    I don't know. It never should have happened. I tripped and ended up landing on my knee with it bent under me. Stupid and bizarre.>:(

    I jumped with a one legged jumper many times...He just landed on one leg.

    One time his artificial leg blew off in free fall...he lost it in the woods... So the next time he showed up with his new leg he tied it with a string to his belt loop and the next time it fell off during a dive, it flopped around in his burble kicking him in the head and back all the way down.:D...He finally got the kinks worked out and jumped almost every weekend always landing on his good leg...

    But two years later During hunting season two hunters knocked on the dz door holding his lost wooden leg..."When we found this leg, with a shoe on it, out in the middle of the woods and there was no body...We thought it had to be you skydivers who could have lost a false leg in the middle of the woods.;)

  10. What does it feel like?....
    I spent most of my younger life having dreams of flying like a bird, only without wings. My first skydive was the realization of all those dreams.

    btw In one of my dreams not long ago I landed without opening my chute...I just flared my track and walked pack job...there was even a plane loading with the engines running...I am still hoping i can make that one come true too;)