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  1. Then I would tend to stay with the largest canopy that I matter what the like the 210...get the 210.;)

    Oh yeah, and all the girls tell me it not the color that matters it's how you fly with it:)

  2. 1st- I don't want to hear the word cheeseburger! I have lost 30lbs and still smoke'n down on my weight...300to 700 calories per day most days with a day off now and then.

    2nd- even when i was 235-240lbs I was always trying to hug a beach ball in freefall...just to stay up with everyone else.

    I was hoping to find some other people with smoking fall speed...

    I could go with someone who does head down and have someone to fly withB|

    I was just wondering how many other big guys are out there....and what rate they had.

  3. So it is true! After 14 years of trying to turn back into a whuffo, they make you take the WHOLE AFF 1st jump course[:/]
    I fell of of a plane this weekend over beautiful West Point Virginia:)Now 14 years has put a few pounds on me...
    My question has to do with speed (a.k.a. being a fat ass). My instructor said I fell around 152mph...That is in a flat, stable position with a slight arch.

    Do any of you other big boys fall this fast, and is there any hope i can fly rw before I lose all this weight?

  4. I have always jumped a f-111 canopy. This weekend, for the first time, I jumped a navagator which is zp on top and f-111 on bottom so it flies like zp but not so hard to pack... It was much, much nicer to fly the zp ad it made landing soooo much easier. I will not go back to f-111 unless there is no other option:)DEMO ONE FIRST!